That fat bike of mine just keeps finding lakes to ride around!

On Tuesday evening, Mr. Ink and I decided to ignore Miss Butterfly’s protestations about riding her bike around a lake. All three of us set out in the evening to ride around one of the local lakes. It was an extremely pleasant evening. Cool but not cold. Not so many people on the trail to be annoying. And tons of things to see. We saw many deer, and Mr. Ink found us short dirt trails and gravel access roads to explore. The end of the evening had the two of them down by the shore looking at fish and lifting rocks to see what there was to see. Miss Butterfly turned over a rock only to be horrified at the resulting find. What she felt was an underwater scorpion turned out to be a crayfish.


When the mosquitoes became too overwhelming to continue and with our rapidly fading light, we headed for the parking lot, all of us a bit disappointed for it to end, and disappointed to get back to real life where watering had to be done and dinner had to be cooked. A very pleasant interlude we hope to repeat often.

Last night was my short bike ride with friends, one of them a newbie to biking in general. We rode around a different lake, and it, too, was extremely pleasant. The new bike rider took a pretty hard fall early on in the evening, when the cars were still in view and I FULLY expected her to say “Nope, not doing this!” but she took a few moments, pulled herself together, checked herself out, and decided she was ready to continue on. The newer rider and I both play pokemon go, so I set up my phone in a bag on my handlebars where the screen was visible. I then would stop for any pokemon that neither of us had. This gave the newer rider ample opportunities to stop and regroup. We made it a very fun evening that way, and she told me that stopping frequently really increased the enjoyment of riding bike for her. So, that’s another ride I hope to be able to do again soon!

Naturally, with work and then bike rides in the evening, not much in the way of crafting. But, I think maybe I’ll be able to pull together a couple of photos tomorrow.