So Much Sleep

I’ve been feeling so run down lately, to the point where I began to wonder if something was wrong with me. I know that there are reasons for this, and in part, a severe lack of sleep running up to all the conference insanity was part of it. Plus, not having the typical recovery time, or really much recovery time at all, after the fact.

On Saturday, I slept. I woke up at about the usual time. I napped, longer than usual. Mr. Ink is a night owl, and I am an early bird, but on Saturday nights I TRY to stay up a bit later than usual so that we can enjoy some shows together. On Saturday night it wasn’t even 9:30 before I was crawling in bed unable to keep my eyes open, even with that nap. I got something like 9.5 hours of sleep, and got up Sunday morning ACTUALLY feeling refreshed. I mean, I didn’t even once feel like I needed a nap, I didn’t feel tired and grumpy, it was LOVELY to feel so alive and with it and GOOD!

We spent the day at a state park, Mr. Ink, Miss Butterfly, and one of her friends. We did some hiking.

Miss Butterfly really wanted to do more hiking, or really probably more playing in the creek. She really enjoyed herself.

Instead of walking all the trails, we did a bunch of exploring IN the creek, which means that there were lots of moments where we were crossing the water in rocks or downed logs. I found it hilarious that the kids were SO worried about my ability to cross. “Are you ok MOM?  Are you OK!?!” And really, I WOULD HAVE BEEN if it wasn’t for the fact that I had both hands absolutely FULL of everyone else’s stuff! Know what I mean? The mother’s curse. Everyone else is happily balancing across logs and worried I cannot hack it, while I am balancing across logs with both hands full and worried I am going to drop someone’s phone or camera into the water. NEXT TIME?! I’ll bring a bag.

Those of you who have followed the blog for awhile know that Mr. Ink has been waging war against the root systems of invasive mulberries for a year and a half now. While wandering around the creek bed, we found a recently toppled mulberry with their distinctive orange root system. And then it attacked!


We giggled over this photo for a great deal of time, after all, we get a little punchy when discussing those invasive root systems.

We ended our time there with a cook out and then roasting marshmallows. Miss Butterfly’s friend is a girlscout so we had the supremely easy s’mores modification of putting a roasted marshmallow between two thanks a lot cookies.


We had such a nice time, and absolutely made all the more special by the girls telling me that they were having such a GREAT time, and Mr. Ink commenting on how it was so nice to see kids playing with no phones in sight. I suspect both of those girls would have loved to hike even longer, and quite frankly? So would I. Next time!


Craft Update

Oh my friends, yesterday was good! I got a nap in, I got a bunch of spinning in, I got a nice long walk in, I got hanging out with my kid time in,  and I got to help a friend. And then I went to bed ridiculously early and slept in this morning. It was much needed!

Let’s wander through the spinning, shall we? First of all, I skeined this chain ply yarn up, the fiber is silky cashmerino from frabjous fibers, and it really truly is ridiculously soft! I chose to preserve the colors again, as these are all so pretty as well. I ended up with 370 yards fingeringweight yarn.


Forget the yarn, look at those mums!!!

Then I pulled out a fatcatknits batt and got spinning on that. The singles are now done.


But, instead of jumping right into a plying project, I pulled out another fatcatknits batt and spun that one.


These singles are also done. The colors are mostly yellow, purple, and white. And since I did a dyeing arts superwash merino in a similar color scheme awhile back:


I am hoping I can make them work together somehow. We’ll see once the yarn is officially done though, as the batt will be quite wild, and the merino is nice and smooth.

I also grabbed a snapshot of the rolags I put on spindles as well, they’ve really only just begun but they are nice and fun and full of texture which I love.


I guess you could say it is almost all spinning all the time around here! Today I’ll take a little bread, as we are headed out to a state park a little ways away for a hike and a cook out. Seems like a great thing to do when the weather is still pleasant but the leaves are changing.

Until next time friends, hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

I’ve Been Crafting!

But I have not been taking pictures or really finishing things properly. I’ve got a full bobbin of chain plied yarn waiting to be hanked and washed. I’ve got another spinning project on the wheel and one on spindles. But I haven’t grabbed any photos mostly because it’s pretty much already dark by the time I run my errands or take my walks and get home.


But I do have this! Reversible Circles of Lace scarf is complete. I really enjoyed knitting this one actually, quite a pleasure overall. It was predominately my work lunch project. It’s out of Miss Marja’s handspun laceweight 2 ply, I think she had spun a batt for this one. It’s purple and red tones with a lot of light blue as well. I am not sure what else to say about it, it went straight for the gift pile, as really I just wanted to knit that pattern with that yarn.

Miss Butterfly had spirit week at school. Mostly she wakes up too late for me to catch a photo of her various dressing up, but I got one on neon day, mostly because she also wanted it to be 80s day and made sure I gave her a side ponytail.


It is still quite warm here, we had over 80F yesterday. Same for Monday, so no need to worry that the kids will be too cold during Halloween this year. Usually by this time it’s fire pits and gloves weather, but not this year.

For real, I’ll try to get with the program this weekend and get a bunch of appropriate photos taken. Things are still a little nutty around here. My good friend is still in the hospital, and probably will be for a couple more weeks. We’ve all been trying to make sure everything is appropriately taken care of, so this morning’s task is taking a couple lawn mowers, a weed trimmer, and a rake over to the house and meeting a crew of friends so we can get the lawn settled for the winter. If it ever arrives.

I keep expecting nuttiness to subside, but the reality is, generally when nuttiness shows up, it sticks around a bit, don’t you think?

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, it’s official, I FINALLY got a very relaxing weekend. It was just lovely.

I made a bunch of rolags:


7 ounces in fact! I used 4 ounces of fiber (2 different but similar colors) that I dyed and paired it with all sorts of stuff. Add ins of sari silk, silk noil, bamboo top, silk top, cashmere, and different colors of merino. They are good and crazy, which is just what I want.

I am about halfway through this spin as well, silky cashmerino from frabjous fibers:


This photo does not show the halfway point, I reached that this morning when it was dark. But you can at least see the colors! They are rich and lovely.

I also did a ton of planting of spring bulbs. I planted bulbs for hours. And, the biggest issue was that I kept digging up bulbs I planted earlier this year! Apparently every place I look at as a great spot to see spring color is also a spot I’ve also planted in. That’s not entirely true, I’ve got Coco’s memorial tree to plant around, and another garden bed I haven’t even remotely touched yet. It’s just that Mr. Ink was watering, and he got to those beds before I did, and I didn’t want to dig in the mud.

On the list of the things I planted were tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, allium, star of nature, double snowdrops, a new daylily and a new regular lily. Oh, and some hardy cyclamen coum, and hardy gladiolus just to see what happens. The spring should be quite lovely and exciting in my garden.

The other task of the weekend was moving more flowers out of the veggie garden. I was able to give away some more mums, that was good. The rest will probably go in the yard waste bin at this point. I’ve done what I could to spread the love! Then, Mr. Ink took on the major task of moving the massive peony in the veggie garden to a new spot. This is a 60 year old peony, and Mr. Ink says that if I ever ask him to deal with another peony, he’ll be dealing with it with round up. Take a look at the size of those roots he’s holding!


It really did try to break the shovel, we could hear it cracking as he tried to dig it out. But, it did get done, and he cut it down to a manageable size and then put it in another spot. This is absolutely the last peony needing to be moved, so no round up necessary.

Unfortunately, that leaves the task for me of continuing to dig up other flowers. I’d kind of been waiting on digging some stuff out since the peony was so huge and those flowers were growing under it. Now I’ve got a lovely open space, and I need to get in there with a shovel and keep after it. Especially the orange daylilies that never go away!

In any case, a pretty good weekend full of things I love to do around here, and I hope yours was equally lovely!

A Little Bit of This

And a little bit of that.

My friend who has been in the hospital for the last 12 days is now in surgery. Waiting to see no longer was an option. So, I am spending my time today getting stuff done around the house and waiting for news.

I intend to get a bit of gardening done today. I’ve got two boxes of bulbs that need to go in the ground this fall, but today may be more about moving more flowers out of the veggie garden. I have a friend coming to pick up some excess mums today, which is great. I don’t have a taker for the elderberry bush that Mr. Ink has carefully tended but now does not want. Ah well.

I did do a bunch of spinning yesterday. Or rather, plying. I had been spinning up the singles on spindles for ages and ages. I never measured the amount of fiber before hand. So, I was quite surprised to find that I ended up with over 900 yards of 3 ply! I am guessing those little batts were more along the lines of 8 ounces instead of 4?


I did a nice long 3 ply gradient, moving the colors one to the next fairly seamlessly. It was a pleasant plying job, and I am glad to have my spindles free again in case I decide to work on another project.

I also spent some time with girlfriends, took a long walk, and made some rolags yesterday. All in all a very pleasant day. I won’t show the rolags yet, as I am only halfway through the project. I had assumed I was done, but then when I weighed the fiber, I only had just over 3 ounces, and you KNOW I kind of hate under 4 ounce projects. All in all, a pretty relaxing day which was just what I was looking for!

Picking up Dirt

Oh weekend, how I love you! I decided to start my weekend off right, with a 20 minute nap as soon as I got home from work yesterday. By the time I woke up, Mr. Ink was home. He told me he wanted to get the lawn done quickly, because he wanted to go pick up a truck load of compost, and the compost place isn’t open on the weekends. So, we hurried out to do that, and once my portion of the lawn was done, I sat down for a moment to begin plying my latest spinning project.

Mr. Ink rather sweetly asked if I’d like to go with him, and I thought “The weekend’s still young, why not?” So I hopped in the truck figuring he probably wanted to spend a little time with me. We get to the place where he wants to pick up compost, and then tells me that they don’t load it for us. And I look in the bed of the truck, and realize he’s thrown in two shovels. Uhuh. Well played Mr. Ink.

I definitely whined about it, the shoveling of a truckload full of compost, especially since I’d just had my flu shot earlier that day and was a bit sore. However, he shovels two to my one, his upper body strength is so much better, and I told him I’d remember this when it was time to get some good compost or manure for my veggie garden in the spring.

The reality is, we’ll be getting compost all next week if necessary, as this is the last week they are open until 7. And I’ll help. Once home, we began watching the latest season of Black Mirror and I got a lot of plying done, so I still got a pretty lovely evening to start my weekend!

I’ve got some yarn to show off! It’s 2 toned BFL, chain plied, 356 yards.


The colors on it are wickedly rich! It was a very fun spin.

I also have all these lined up and ready to ply.


They were a bunch of small batts, two each, and I spun them all separately. But surprisingly enough, I’ve decided to 3 ply them, making the colors shift in odd ways. We’ll see how it goes, I am about halfway through that project currently.

The mums in our garden are going nutty, which is lovely. Also, the petunias have had a rebirth of sorts, due to one overnight frost, they seem to have lost their budworm pests, and are now blooming like mad. I’ll tell you what, I’d really given up on them!


But, Coco’s memorial tree is looking amazing, the mums are so full now they are covering his stone. We’ve got pink mums everywhere too, but I haven’t gotten a photo yet. (Except you can see them a bit at the top of the yarn photo!)

This weekend is going to be one I am insisting a bit slow. I’ll hang out with a couple girlfriends, spend a lot of time alone, get my spring bulbs planted hopefully, and also move some more plants out of my veggie garden and into more appropriate spaces. I need to get the gladiolas dug up as well as the cannas, though the cannas are still going strong. I think I’ve decided against dahlias in the future though. This area is just too windy, and no matter how well I stake them, they end up falling and breaking and looking cruddy. Maybe I’ll try again in the future, but not next year.

Happy weekend friends! I hope yours is wonderful.

After a couple weeks

My Nahant out of crazy yarn has been finished and off the needles for a couple weeks now. But, I didn’t have the mental energy to block it until this week. Thankfully now that life has slowed down a bit, back to normal I’d say, I was able to get the nahant blocked.

Unfortunately, this late in the season, lighting is rather cruddy after work and nonexistent before work, so getting a decent photo is difficult. Hopefully this gives you at least an idea of the nebula look of the scarf. The nahant pattern is pretty much nonexistent, but it gives the colors a lovely diagonal wave, so I’ll call it good. And really, the pattern served its purpose by making me knit on something mindless and yet interesting.

When it was blocking, Mr. Ink commented on it. He generally does comment on the nahant pattern in particular, it seems to be one of his favorites too. I told him I was, quite frankly, currently uninspired by knitting, and so I thought maybe I’d just knit this pattern over and over until inspiration hit again. He thought this rather hilarious. So I said “Come on, you are an artist, but I KNOW you’ve had times where you are uninspired by painting.” He quickly responded “Yes, indeed I have, and that means that I just don’t paint. I don’t paint the same picture over and over until inspiration hits!” So I mentioned that it’s like painting your favorite picture with different colors each time. But, I don’t think he really bought it! In any case, each personality deals with lack of inspiration differently I suppose. And, I’ve got 3 relatively easy patterns on the needles right now, and I don’t think I’ll be starting another nahant until I clear those out of my works in progress.

How do you deal with lack of inspiration about your hobby?