New Endeavors

I’ve taken up a new endeavor. And it’s rolags. I picked up a blending board this week, and naturally, needed to sample immediately.

My drum carder is great at blending, and great at working with wools that aren’t particularly fine. But it doesn’t like merino, and it won’t really do a good job lining various colors up next to each other for a nice color progression in a batt. I don’t mind, it’s an off brand and it was inexpensive and I’ve gotten massive amounts of use out of it.

But sometimes a gal wants to try something else! So rather than a carder that is different than the one I own, I decided on a blending board. And the first thing I did was make a little over 3 ounces of pink toned rolags, using the bits and bobs I have for blending in stash and one of the grey romney dyed wools from last week.


I just pulled out a few to photograph because man can these things be delicate! But the first bobbin spun up so very nicely,


and I am already working on the plying! The rolags do a great job making a light and airy single, and I am eager to see how my first yarn turns out. However, I think the romney is better saved for my drum carder. I knew that the long staple of romney would probably not do a great job folded over in a rolag, but I guess giving it a try was still worth something.

Happy Weekend my friends! The plans around here are as always. Cleaning, biking, crafting, gardening. And that sounds exactly right to me, since work has continued to be pretty nutty!

4 thoughts on “New Endeavors

  1. Rolags are fun to make! I made some (with my drum carder) for a fiber swap last spring. I need to make more (and acquire more of a stash to make them with) so I can try spinning them. Yours look great!

  2. I recently bought a blending board and have been having a lot of fun with it too! Have you got any tricks for getting more blending of the fibre on the board? Lots of carding seems to help but I still end up with quite separate colours unless I layer them carefully. Absolutely love your rolags and yarn!

    • Well, I haven’t really messed with it too much, but I agree that layering is probably wise. I bet you could (And I’ll experiment too) pull off the entire batt, pull it in strips, and put it back on the board a couple times.Maybe even tearing off a strip, turning it to the edge, and then putting it back on. And thank you btw! I am sure I’ve got a lot to learn about using it.

      • I did make the horrible, really messy mistake of trying to pull it off in a batt-type form and lay it back on but that went very wrong. Pulling it into strips would definitely be the better way forward. Look forward to seeing your experimenting!

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