The Good

When times are tough, look for the good, right? That’s what we are doing around here. We had a gathering of friends last evening. I got to meet a friend of Mr. Ink’s that he was very excited for me to meet, and she was indeed a lovely woman. Mike has managed to bring us together in a way, as that’s a friendship Mr. Ink has wanted to cultivate better as they’d lost touch over the years. Mike was the one who always kept in touch with his old friends, and now Mr. Ink will have to put forth more effort in that respect.

In any case, as she wandered through our house, seeing it for the first time, she took a look at my drum carder and was like “WHAT IS THIS MACHINE I MUST KNOW!!!” So Mr. Ink told her about my proclivities, she got quite excited and explained that she, too, is a knitter. I said “Just wait ’till you see the den of slack…” She took one look at the yarn stash and said “Mr Ink, she’s my new best friend!” It was a fun moment. We are headed over to see her house next week, and we’ve got some game nights planned. Plus, we are hosting another gathering of Mike’s friends tomorrow night when Mr. Ink’s younger brother gets in town.

I am, once again, so grateful for the home we purchased. We chose it in part for it being large enough to have gatherings of people, and I know that sounds a bit funny for two introverts. But, as I again flip the guest room quickly for the next guest, and sigh at my lack of alone time, I also feel a sense of relief that we’ve been able to use the home as we’d hoped, despite the fact that many times this year we hosted due to sad situations and life changes. This year has been highly busy in that regard. I do feel like this is a season though, and we’ll be able to host happy gatherings in the future.

Now on to the rest of the good. I’ve been knitting at that conference every other year for 10 years, and have apparently developed a reputation. One of the conference chairs this year, a woman I only ever see at the conference, decided she’d bring me something fun. It was a large bag full of wool!

Now the bad news, it’s not all necessarily something I can use. The white is angora, which I am quite allergic to. So, I’ll need to destash that. The red is very….red. And there’s a lot of it. On the other hand, I also know that I can easily throw that red on a drum carder and add to it so it has more interest for my taste. I’ll have you note though, this woman who is absolutely lovely, clearly has a thing for that red color. Every single day of the conference she had on a piece of clothing containing this very red colored red. And looked great in it! In any case, that was SUCH a sweet gift and thank you for the organizing, and really, only another fiber enthusiast could have picked out such a gift.

Yesterday I did make sure the house was in order, doing 3 loads of laundry, flipping the guest room, making beds, and doing general clean up. As I mentioned, the house is already in good order due to Christelle’s visit, I just had to straighten, which was a relief. I didn’t get a ton of crafting done, because honestly? I just needed time to sit. And I had a VERY long nap in the afternoon, which was so necessary as well. But, I did finally finish a bobbin of the black/grey I was working on that will be paired with the loop 3 ring circus.


In reality, I am not ENTIRELY sure it’s enough, but if it is not, I do have more of that wool, and can throw some more on a bobbin or spindle to finish the project. But today is going to be dedicated to working on plying those green singles first.

Miss Butterfly has today off too. I am looking forward to spending a bit of time with her, she certainly seemed annoyed after awhile that I was working so many hours. But as of right now? She’s doing that thing that 12 year olds LOVE LOVE LOVE to do. Sleeping in. And I am going to let her do just that. We can make some plans later.

One thought on “The Good

  1. what a lovely find – a new friend. Mike will show himself in your lives for many years to come.

    And that bag of fiber – so thoughtful off that woman. Yes, she got the color and fiber wrong, but she put some thought into a nice gift for you. Is she a knitter? Maybe you could spin it up and give it back to her?

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