Beginning Again

This is my first day back at work post conference. We have hosted 3 gatherings at our house in 4 days, had overnight guests 7 out of 9 days, and attended a lovely family gathering for Mike. Mike was an artist, and the family had brought in just as much of his art as they could. Rather than tons of flowers, the room was filled with tons of art. It was beautiful, and there were so many pieces I had yet to see. The family also put together a slide show of old photos. Mike had these piercing blue eyes that sometimes felt like they were searing into your soul, and it was interesting seeing those eyes over the years, always the same. We will absolutely miss that man, his friendship and the way he wore his heart on his sleeve, and the bear hugs and affirmations he was so quick to give.

It was also fun to see Mr. Ink’s “gang” of high school friends all together. It’s like they all grew up, and I am looking at adults, but they somehow didn’t quite lose all the punk that they were in the late 80s. We had fun strolling through old photos and even VHS videos that friends had taken way back when, and it was interesting to see Mr. Ink being exactly the same version of himself then as he is now. In fact, out of anyone, he’s probably changed the least. thegang

Mr. Ink got sick of waiting forĀ a firepit (even though that’s his own project, he certainly has been busy with other jobs.) and just decided to drag the pit insert to where he planned to dig the hole in the ground and made a fire.


Now I am back at work, and I always forget just how much wrap up work there is from the conference. It’ll all get done, and probably in good time as I am still in that mode of thinking that there’s absolutely no time for anything so procrastination Just Won’t Do.

I did get my green yarn dry enough to grab a photograph yesterday. It’s 500 yards of 2 ply laceweight yarn, on BFL/silk that has GOT to be superwash but I don’t remember.


It’s definitely a tonal yarn in this case, and it’s very pretty. And very soft. And it absolutely was a yarn that kept my hands occupied while feeling stressed, which really is the best type of yarn!

The house is our own tonight, and I’ve got plans! Plans of cleaning up, and plans to block my nahant scarf, both hopefully before Mr. Ink even arrives home. The jury is still out as to if it’ll be time to mow. I got out of it last weekend due to the conference. But, with the weather in the 80s yesterday and likely to be even hotter today, you KNOW it’s going to grow fast again!

I, for one, am looking forward to a slower week, and a free weekend of gardening in the very near future. Have a great week my friends!