A Good Night’s Sleep

Isn’t it amazing what a good night’s sleep can do? Or even just an evening to oneself? I got home from work last evening, took a quick nap to “reboot,” then blocked my scarf. Mr. Ink was clearly feeling it too, as he was home before 5:30, which never happens, and off to spend some time working in the yard. We were clearly interested in doing our introverted hobbies. Then we made dinner together early, while having a lovely chat with Miss Butterfly, had dinner, cleaned kitchen, and sat on the sofa with a glass of wine finally catching up with each other. It’s amazing how easy it is to disconnect from a partner when life is throwing curveball after curveball at you, but thankfully a quiet evening easily remedies that. I even slept amazingly well, which is SUCH a relief!


Here’s a picture of yarn! This is about 320 yards of sportweight yarn. I took a grey/black combo and plied it with a loop 3 ring circus cloud, which made a much more subtle black toned yarn with pops of color. This one was quite a lot of fun to ply! No clue what will become of it, but it was fun to make and it’ll be a joy to knit with too, with it’s color surprises.

I suppose someday I should spin 3 ring circus and actually ply it together, but the options for working with other colors were just irresistible. It’s quite a difference from this one that I plied with the fatcatknits batt.


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