After a couple weeks

My Nahant out of crazy yarn has been finished and off the needles for a couple weeks now. But, I didn’t have the mental energy to block it until this week. Thankfully now that life has slowed down a bit, back to normal I’d say, I was able to get the nahant blocked.

Unfortunately, this late in the season, lighting is rather cruddy after work and nonexistent before work, so getting a decent photo is difficult. Hopefully this gives you at least an idea of the nebula look of the scarf. The nahant pattern is pretty much nonexistent, but it gives the colors a lovely diagonal wave, so I’ll call it good. And really, the pattern served its purpose by making me knit on something mindless and yet interesting.

When it was blocking, Mr. Ink commented on it. He generally does comment on the nahant pattern in particular, it seems to be one of his favorites too. I told him I was, quite frankly, currently uninspired by knitting, and so I thought maybe I’d just knit this pattern over and over until inspiration hit again. He thought this rather hilarious. So I said “Come on, you are an artist, but I KNOW you’ve had times where you are uninspired by painting.” He quickly responded “Yes, indeed I have, and that means that I just don’t paint. I don’t paint the same picture over and over until inspiration hits!” So I mentioned that it’s like painting your favorite picture with different colors each time. But, I don’t think he really bought it! In any case, each personality deals with lack of inspiration differently I suppose. And, I’ve got 3 relatively easy patterns on the needles right now, and I don’t think I’ll be starting another nahant until I clear those out of my works in progress.

How do you deal with lack of inspiration about your hobby?

4 thoughts on “After a couple weeks

  1. So pretty! I love how the yarn works with that pattern.

    When I get in a knitting slump I either go Ravelry diving or stash diving to get re-energized. Or both. 😉

    • Oh, good call! That’s true, sometimes I “toss” my stash when I am uninspired. It’s probably good for me, and it’s certainly good for my stash to move around a bit.

  2. That turned out beautiful! I’ve been off and on with inspiration and, like you, sometimes I have my go-to patterns that I’ll knit in-between more “intentional” knitting projects. I can’t seem to NOT knit, so I have to knit SOMEthing…or I’ll just pick an already-caked yarn in my stash and find a pattern to knit it in until something more intereesting comes along. 🙂

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