Picking up Dirt

Oh weekend, how I love you! I decided to start my weekend off right, with a 20 minute nap as soon as I got home from work yesterday. By the time I woke up, Mr. Ink was home. He told me he wanted to get the lawn done quickly, because he wanted to go pick up a truck load of compost, and the compost place isn’t open on the weekends. So, we hurried out to do that, and once my portion of the lawn was done, I sat down for a moment to begin plying my latest spinning project.

Mr. Ink rather sweetly asked if I’d like to go with him, and I thought “The weekend’s still young, why not?” So I hopped in the truck figuring he probably wanted to spend a little time with me. We get to the place where he wants to pick up compost, and then tells me that they don’t load it for us. And I look in the bed of the truck, and realize he’s thrown in two shovels. Uhuh. Well played Mr. Ink.

I definitely whined about it, the shoveling of a truckload full of compost, especially since I’d just had my flu shot earlier that day and was a bit sore. However, he shovels two to my one, his upper body strength is so much better, and I told him I’d remember this when it was time to get some good compost or manure for my veggie garden in the spring.

The reality is, we’ll be getting compost all next week if necessary, as this is the last week they are open until 7. And I’ll help. Once home, we began watching the latest season of Black Mirror and I got a lot of plying done, so I still got a pretty lovely evening to start my weekend!

I’ve got some yarn to show off! It’s 2 toned BFL, chain plied, 356 yards.


The colors on it are wickedly rich! It was a very fun spin.

I also have all these lined up and ready to ply.


They were a bunch of small batts, two each, and I spun them all separately. But surprisingly enough, I’ve decided to 3 ply them, making the colors shift in odd ways. We’ll see how it goes, I am about halfway through that project currently.

The mums in our garden are going nutty, which is lovely. Also, the petunias have had a rebirth of sorts, due to one overnight frost, they seem to have lost their budworm pests, and are now blooming like mad. I’ll tell you what, I’d really given up on them!


But, Coco’s memorial tree is looking amazing, the mums are so full now they are covering his stone. We’ve got pink mums everywhere too, but I haven’t gotten a photo yet. (Except you can see them a bit at the top of the yarn photo!)

This weekend is going to be one I am insisting a bit slow. I’ll hang out with a couple girlfriends, spend a lot of time alone, get my spring bulbs planted hopefully, and also move some more plants out of my veggie garden and into more appropriate spaces. I need to get the gladiolas dug up as well as the cannas, though the cannas are still going strong. I think I’ve decided against dahlias in the future though. This area is just too windy, and no matter how well I stake them, they end up falling and breaking and looking cruddy. Maybe I’ll try again in the future, but not next year.

Happy weekend friends! I hope yours is wonderful.

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