Weekend Wrap Up

Well, it’s official, I FINALLY got a very relaxing weekend. It was just lovely.

I made a bunch of rolags:


7 ounces in fact! I used 4 ounces of fiber (2 different but similar colors) that I dyed and paired it with all sorts of stuff. Add ins of sari silk, silk noil, bamboo top, silk top, cashmere, and different colors of merino. They are good and crazy, which is just what I want.

I am about halfway through this spin as well, silky cashmerino from frabjous fibers:


This photo does not show the halfway point, I reached that this morning when it was dark. But you can at least see the colors! They are rich and lovely.

I also did a ton of planting of spring bulbs. I planted bulbs for hours. And, the biggest issue was that I kept digging up bulbs I planted earlier this year! Apparently every place I look at as a great spot to see spring color is also a spot I’ve also planted in. That’s not entirely true, I’ve got Coco’s memorial tree to plant around, and another garden bed I haven’t even remotely touched yet. It’s just that Mr. Ink was watering, and he got to those beds before I did, and I didn’t want to dig in the mud.

On the list of the things I planted were tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, allium, star of nature, double snowdrops, a new daylily and a new regular lily. Oh, and some hardy cyclamen coum, and hardy gladiolus just to see what happens. The spring should be quite lovely and exciting in my garden.

The other task of the weekend was moving more flowers out of the veggie garden. I was able to give away some more mums, that was good. The rest will probably go in the yard waste bin at this point. I’ve done what I could to spread the love! Then, Mr. Ink took on the major task of moving the massive peony in the veggie garden to a new spot. This is a 60 year old peony, and Mr. Ink says that if I ever ask him to deal with another peony, he’ll be dealing with it with round up. Take a look at the size of those roots he’s holding!


It really did try to break the shovel, we could hear it cracking as he tried to dig it out. But, it did get done, and he cut it down to a manageable size and then put it in another spot. This is absolutely the last peony needing to be moved, so no round up necessary.

Unfortunately, that leaves the task for me of continuing to dig up other flowers. I’d kind of been waiting on digging some stuff out since the peony was so huge and those flowers were growing under it. Now I’ve got a lovely open space, and I need to get in there with a shovel and keep after it. Especially the orange daylilies that never go away!

In any case, a pretty good weekend full of things I love to do around here, and I hope yours was equally lovely!

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