I’ve Been Crafting!

But I have not been taking pictures or really finishing things properly. I’ve got a full bobbin of chain plied yarn waiting to be hanked and washed. I’ve got another spinning project on the wheel and one on spindles. But I haven’t grabbed any photos mostly because it’s pretty much already dark by the time I run my errands or take my walks and get home.


But I do have this! Reversible Circles of Lace scarf is complete. I really enjoyed knitting this one actually, quite a pleasure overall. It was predominately my work lunch project. It’s out of Miss Marja’s handspun laceweight 2 ply, I think she had spun a batt for this one. It’s purple and red tones with a lot of light blue as well. I am not sure what else to say about it, it went straight for the gift pile, as really I just wanted to knit that pattern with that yarn.

Miss Butterfly had spirit week at school. Mostly she wakes up too late for me to catch a photo of her various dressing up, but I got one on neon day, mostly because she also wanted it to be 80s day and made sure I gave her a side ponytail.


It is still quite warm here, we had over 80F yesterday. Same for Monday, so no need to worry that the kids will be too cold during Halloween this year. Usually by this time it’s fire pits and gloves weather, but not this year.

For real, I’ll try to get with the program this weekend and get a bunch of appropriate photos taken. Things are still a little nutty around here. My good friend is still in the hospital, and probably will be for a couple more weeks. We’ve all been trying to make sure everything is appropriately taken care of, so this morning’s task is taking a couple lawn mowers, a weed trimmer, and a rake over to the house and meeting a crew of friends so we can get the lawn settled for the winter. If it ever arrives.

I keep expecting nuttiness to subside, but the reality is, generally when nuttiness shows up, it sticks around a bit, don’t you think?

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