Craft Update

Oh my friends, yesterday was good! I got a nap in, I got a bunch of spinning in, I got a nice long walk in, I got hanging out with my kid time in,  and I got to help a friend. And then I went to bed ridiculously early and slept in this morning. It was much needed!

Let’s wander through the spinning, shall we? First of all, I skeined this chain ply yarn up, the fiber is silky cashmerino from frabjous fibers, and it really truly is ridiculously soft! I chose to preserve the colors again, as these are all so pretty as well. I ended up with 370 yards fingeringweight yarn.


Forget the yarn, look at those mums!!!

Then I pulled out a fatcatknits batt and got spinning on that. The singles are now done.


But, instead of jumping right into a plying project, I pulled out another fatcatknits batt and spun that one.


These singles are also done. The colors are mostly yellow, purple, and white. And since I did a dyeing arts superwash merino in a similar color scheme awhile back:


I am hoping I can make them work together somehow. We’ll see once the yarn is officially done though, as the batt will be quite wild, and the merino is nice and smooth.

I also grabbed a snapshot of the rolags I put on spindles as well, they’ve really only just begun but they are nice and fun and full of texture which I love.


I guess you could say it is almost all spinning all the time around here! Today I’ll take a little bread, as we are headed out to a state park a little ways away for a hike and a cook out. Seems like a great thing to do when the weather is still pleasant but the leaves are changing.

Until next time friends, hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

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