Day 1. I woke up quite early because I forgot to turn off my work alarm. Oops! No matter, as an early bird, I didn’t mind too much. It was still dark so I figured I’d make coffee and watch the light arrive while knitting. Quite lovely. I can nap later.

Then I grabbed a shower, headed to the local grocery store to get some provisions for dinner, and headed to a local diner. It was busy but not too crowded and so I found a 2 top table, settled in with my knitting, and waited for my food. After breakfast, I decided to take a nice long walk. I almost always get over 10K steps per day, any my goal for my retreat is to conitnue that and add a bike ride. So, I figured I’d get the steps in early, and grab the bike ride when the weather was warmer.


I am working on a cowl that has amazing texture! The handspun is mine, a 3 ply out of malabrigo nube fiber. The color changes are subtle and compliment the texture quite well. The added bonus? It’s a fun pattern to knit too! The pattern is Ghazal cowl.

Once I returned from my walk I figured I’d begin a spinning project. I brought along some crown mountain farms, 8 ounces, corriedale wool. I divided it out for a 3 ply and just got a bit started on the wheel.


As you can see, it’s awfully sunny here, and the weather is mild. That bike ride I take in a bit is going to be amazing!

Until tomorrow….

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