It’s day 2 of my retreat, my last full day. I haven’t done much today except enjoy the quiet and spin.

My goal for today was to get the second bobbin of my 8 ounces of CMF corriedale spun. I started it last evening, as a long afternoon nap had me able to stay up quite a bit later than usual. Then when I woke up this morning, I figured might as well finish right away! So I did.


The third bobbin has been started. I know I’ll be able to finish the third bobbin, but I don’t think I will want to start the plying project due to the fact it’s unlikely I’d be able to finish that before my departure. So, if I feel the need to continue to spin, I’ll put one of the other projects on the fourth bobbin I have.

I took a lovely bike ride yesterday. I just wandered out exploring and it was so lovely ! In town, the leaves are still on the trees and absolutely brilliantly colored. Out of town, they are mostly off the trees.


Once done with my bike ride, I settled in to start a new knitting project and watch The Crown on netflix. Which has been great so far!


The knitting pattern is Dragonfire and I am making it out of my recently completed handspun:


There are color changes written into the pattern, but my yarn is a gradient. So, either I don’t bother with the color changes at all, and allow the gradient to do the work, or I use the other end of the gradient for the color changes. I am having a terrible time deciding! Thankfully, I haven’t yet hit a color change section, so I still have time to make the decision.

The pattern is written out line by line, which can be a bit tedious, but I seriously don’t know how else one could accomplish this pattern. It’s certainly one where having a TV show and complete quiet is necessary, I know my frustration level with the pattern would get pretty high if I were at home. But here it’s really no problem at all.

I may keep my morning pretty slow, but I definitely want to head out and explore on the bike some more. There were paths I didn’t get to take! And I don’t want to miss them!

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