My Job

My job this morning was reassuring a very politically minded little girl that this is not the apocalypse, all the while trying not to cry with her. I tried to explain to her that there are measures in place to keep a president from taking absolute power and that we have to trust the house and the senate to do their jobs in this case. I told her that as of right now, nothing for our little family changes, we just keep on. We will love each other the way we do, and we will continue to have our happy home, and we will continue to love others, and continue to help others, and that is how we go on.

I asked her what she was most concerned about, as she lay there in her bed crying. And she said “Minimum wage! I hate that people have to work two or three jobs, I want them to have easier lives!” ┬áLadies and gentlemen, that’s our future. This is news that terrifies many of us, but the reality is, many of the people this news terrifies are also raising their children to think of others and move forward with equality. So, I keep reminding myself that this is hopefully a temporary set back, and we’ll keep raising our children to think about equality and to be kind to people and have empathy and see what bits of our society are wrong and fight to change it.

If this news has terrified you, I think you know what to do. And the solution isn’t moving away. And you know it isn’t. The solution is working locally to make your world a better place.┬áThen actually vote in two years, even though voter turn out is often so low for that. It may be a rough 4 years, but we’ll go on and the situation is temporary.

We are tired. We are ALL tired. But we don’t give up. Last night I watched my daughter work on her “passion project” for school, which is LGBT rights. I watched her use my computer to look up all sorts of terminology that she’s unfamiliar with so she could really understand the words she was using for her passion project. I listened to her ask me questions and answered them to the best of my ability. And then this morning we gave her many hugs while she cried about minimum wage. That’s just ONE child within our multitude of children, and she should give you hope for the future.

And in the meantime, there’s fiber. A calming resource for most of you who read this blog. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got enough of it to knit and spin for the next four years, most likely. In fact, I spun some more of it last night. Two shades of green. Seems appropriate to be working on my rainbow of fiber while Miss Butterfly is working on her passion project.


Tonight, I am going to take a walk after work, drop off the lakehouse keys, and then come home and ply these up. It’ll be a lovely day. And I am wishing you a lovely day as well.