It’s the weekend, after a very tough week. And there’s frost on the ground, which somehow seems beautiful to me, despite the fact I have been enjoying the prolonged mild weather.


I’ve finished 4 out of my 8 rainbow colors. I didn’t try to figure out yardage yet, I’ll just worry about that when it’s all done. But I do love how bright and colorful these are!

I began the fifth and sixth batts too,


So, the project really is moving right along now. I suspect I can get this one done this weekend.

I’ve also made some more progress on my dragonfire scarf. This one is a bit slow going since the pattern needs to be read carefully. But, the yarn is ridiculously soft, and the pattern fairly entertaining, and I am well into another color now.


Today is a day full of chores. We’ve got to get Miss Butterfly some clothes, and she wants to take a walk with me for some pokemon, and I need to get some gardening done, and I suspect I’ll have a friend visit later. So, basically, a very full day. Which will also include bread baking and hopefully a nap since I was inexplicably up at 5 am.

And if I can fit more of my crafts in there, all the better!