We started our Saturday morning with a quick shopping trip, as Miss Butterfly needed a couple of warm pullovers for school. It seems they’ve stopped allowing anyone to wear zip front hoodies on account of how “easy” it would be to hide a gun in the pocket. I think this is COMPLETELY ridiculous, and they referenced Columbine, which while completely tragic, is also something those kids weren’t even born for, so it sounds even more ridiculous to them. Miss Butterfly is constantly cold at school, so this was something we had to get figured out immediately. We ended up with two pullovers, one fleece and one of sweatshirt material, neither of which have any pockets or hoods.

Then I briefly wandered by the pajama section, and she saw this which she HAD to try on:


In all honesty? We may have to go back and get it. I’ve been trying to allow anything at all she comes up with that seems like she’s holding on to her childhood, as that seems to be her theme this year. And panda pjs? Sorta seem fitting. Plus, how could I not giggle every single time I see them on her?

I needed to do gardening yesterday, but I just didn’t. I took a long walk with Miss Butterfly, which was lovely. I did some plying.


I did some spinning.


I did a bunch of knitting on my dragonfire scarf, and I baked a loaf of bread. All of these things were very good.

OH! And I organized my handspun stash. I am going to have to do another month of knitting exclusively again very soon.

Today is probably more of the same, but with gardening thrown in. SO NECESSARY despite the fact I haven’t been so inspired. I KNOW that if I just get out there and get started, it’ll get done and I’ll even enjoy it. I am having trouble with the starting part.

3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Love the PJs!!! Maybe when you knit for a month you can make Miss Butterfly a sweater.😉 Seems odd that guns can be hidden in one kind of clothing in particular…

    • Yeah….it gets super cold out here during the winter, I asked her what the heck they thought they’d be doing about winter coats. *grumble*

      Sadly, no more knitting for Miss Butterfly, she is now of the opinion she doesn’t care for that. It was bound to happen eventually!

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