Monday Again

I just have to get through this week, and then I’ve got Thanksgiving week off. I always take that week off if possible, and I really enjoy the down time. Miss Butterfly is off a good portion of that time as well, so it’s nice to spend time with her. In addition, I like to take that time to do deep cleaning of the house. Not just cleaning, but the kind where you wash the inside and outside of all the windows/move the beds and clean under them. In addition, I’ve got it in my mind I MIGHT paint my hallway, depending on how inspired I am feeling. It’s kind of nice to be considering those tasks, I like the idea of the cool weather and the inside work.

However, I didn’t get any gardening done yesterday! We had other chores, and then Mr. Ink very much wanted to go see Dr. Strange. Which I also wanted to see, but not necessarily during daylight hours and 66F weather. However, I turn him down about movies so often I didn’t feel it was fair to say no, especially since he spent HIS weekend digging, and I spent mine goofing off.

I finished a cowl! I am wearing it today. And I am telling you, it’s lovely. The fabric is so bouncy due to the stitch used. It’s awesome.

I’ll be making another one of these very soon!

However, not until after my month of knitting is complete. I’ve decided, a month of knitting needs to happen JUST as soon as I finish my current on the wheel project. I need to work my way through my Rav queue and stash, there’s plenty already planned!

Happy Monday everyone, may we all get through the week unscathed.

5 thoughts on “Monday Again

  1. We have next week off, too, also plan to deep clean the house! We usually host Thanksgiving which gives us the impetus to really clean. This year it will be a small crowd, but I think they deserve to come to a clean house for the feasting. 🙂 The cowl looks wonderful, just the thing for a chilly autumn day – if, indeed it got chilly there? We had a warm lovely weekend, but it is cooler today. I am currently knitting all the things, so please don’t tell me that cowl pattern… 🙂

    • It’s been chilly on and off, so I’ll take that. I won’t tell you the cowl pattern name….YET. Meaning, I fully intend to knit it again, so let’s call you safe this time, but less safe in the future. (It is, however, ridiculously easy, fast, and repetitive, so if you stumble across it, it won’t hurt too much.)

      • lol you are a good friend. This year we are having cool mornings (having to scrape windshields, sigh) but warmer days. Yesterday was in the 60’s! So I dress in layers, and always have a shawl or cowl with me at work. Today I am wrapped in my rosy Hap for Harriet, which I love. Some who looked in my wool drawer would say I don’t need more wraps, but I say you can never have too much color to choose from! So after all my mandatory knitting, I might come begging for that pattern name. 🙂

    • So, every other stitch in every other row is a brioche style stitch, while the rest of it is garter stitch. The one odd stitch makes the entire thing quite squishy and bouncy. It’s lovely, and fun!

      I agree about movies on a nice day. Movies should be saved for rain. However, I think the last time I went to the movies with him was early summer, so often I refuse. And he loves the movies! I think maybe putting that firm boundary in place might be good though, I really feel bummed out when I lose a number of hours of a nice day.

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