A Rainbow of Fruit Colors

I finished up my rainbow batt spin this weekend.  No, this isn’t the spin I finish before a month of exclusive knitting. I’ve got one more spin to finish before that. But on this one, I got 742 yards total of rainbow colored yarn. Each skein is separate, so there are varying amounts and I now have NO CLUE what to do with it. But, it is also really pretty and bright and fun, which I love.


Yeah…not sure what more to say about it. It’s a 2 ply, it’s probably a DK weight. That’s the stats.

I am working on plying these now:


They are truly wild and crazy textured, and the resulting yarn is amazing. The type of thing I love to see in a skein. Nothing smooth or perfect about it. That’ll be my last spin before a month of knitting.

I am also still working on my dragonfire scarf which I adore. I don’t know what it is about that one, I’d typically reject out of hand the idea of knitting a row by row pattern these days. But I just have a hard time putting it down. It’s not difficult, it’s not fiddly, I just have to pay attention enough to make each wedge. I am now into yet another color which I’ll try to photograph this evening.

That’s about it for here! I didn’t get my gardening done, I am clearly very uninspired in that department. However, we might get snow this weekend, so I REALLY need to make it a priority THIS WEEK. Seriously, HOLD ME TO IT. Sheesh. I did get some indoor cleaning and reorganizing done though, which I think is an indication that while it sometimes feels like the seasons haven’t changed, my brain has decided that they have.


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