The Month Starts Now

My current self imposed month of knitting exclusively begins today. Last night I finished a spinning project, and I am waiting for it to dry. I then dusted my wheel (those nooks and crannies tend to collect dust I don’t always get to!) and put it away. Next in line? The completion of my dragonfire scarf. Here’s where I was yesterday afternoon:


I really like it. I worked on it last night as well, got to a brighter¬†peachy color that didn’t even last a full wedge, and then onto peach combined with brown. It’s getting quite long now, so I am hoping I am into a section where it begins to wind back down rather than grow in width, but I didn’t look too closely yet.

I pulled out yarn, brown sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky for a scarf. I’ve chosen the pattern Soda Water because the cables look interesting and fun to make, and it’s always great to knit a bulkier item when also knitting something on small needles.

I also have a pair of surprise socks on the needles. Surprise because I cast them on ages ago, left them at work “just in case” and then recently forgot to bring in knitting and ended up working on them far enough to actually want to complete them. I really haven’t knit socks in ages and ages, so this really was a surprise!

I am also hoping to get a pair of gloves done, and a Christmas gift for my nephew. I have a niece on the way as well, though she won’t arrive until the spring. But, she’ll need a Christmas stocking, but I’ve forgotten the colors of my brother’s family Christmas stockings. I am hoping that my sister in law posts photos of Christmas decorations, that way I can do a little investigating so I can choose an appropriate next color of stocking.¬†It would be perfectly appropriate to get that done this season as well. And if, for some reason, we knew the gender of the child arriving in the spring, I could knit a sweater, but that might be hoping for too much, and the sweater could wait.

In gardening news, rather on a whim, Mr. Ink and I picked up a clearance flowering quince. We brought it home, and really weren’t sure what to do with it. It’s kind of a problem of ours, rescuing plants and then not being quite sure what to do with them. However, Mr. Ink was able to find a spot on the front bank with a dead creeping juniper, so he pulled that out and added the quince instead. We really weren’t initially sure about it. We hemmed and hawed over it, Mr. Ink regularly spoke of moving it or removing it. But with this mild fall? We’ve got this lovely flowering quince, and we both think it’s pretty fantastic. Please excuse the ongoing landscaping fabric removal project, it is an extremely extensive project we’ve been working on all year, but sometimes we can’t get to the entire section at once.


It’s so pretty and charming! And it absolutely goes with Mr. Ink’s project of adding colors other than pink to the front bank. There’s no other gardening news. I got out there one night and planted bulbs and dug up cannas. I planted bulbs in the areas I could, but could not bring myself to do away with the beautifully blooming petunias. Bulbs are to go in where they are, but they are too pretty to destroy right now. Maybe the weekend will freeze some of them out and then I’ll be able to plant the remainder of the bulbs. Until then, I am allowing this mild weather to prolong the beauty and color in the front yard.