Begin As You Mean to Go On

Yesterday was my last day of work before vacation. It’s a stay home vacation, in which I do the deep cleaning of the house. Pretty much the most wonderful time of the year for me. However, I admit to being slightly worried that this year I would find myself uninspired about that deep cleaning, and “waste” my vacation just hanging about the house, feeling guilty once it was done.

I made a nice little list of daily jobs so that I could stay on target. That way, once I get those things done, I can reward myself with just messing around the house, which I love. Well, I got home from work last night and immediately started in on the list. I got the master bathroom, bedroom, and hallway done. This includes removing everything from closets and cleaning closets, moving the bed and cleaning under the bed, etc. The only thing I didn’t get done was the inside and outside of the windows in those rooms. Mostly because we were having incredible wind, it was the first very cold day of the season, and I saw snow flurries. I figured the windows could wait. I can hit them up again later.

That was, naturally, more than I had expected to get done after work on a Friday night, which put me in a great spot for today. However, today was our local spinners and weavers guild show, so I went to that, bought some fiber, then off to the local yarn shop to get some yarn for christmas gifts. Once home, I decided that organizing my fiber was on my list of things to do, after all, the fiber is stored in the den and I clean the den today, so mostly I’ve been…messing about. Rather than accomplishing things. Still, there’s time!

Mr. Ink works this morning, and I am hoping to have one room cleaned by the time he gets home. Then out to the garden which needs my attention. I really must dig up and cut down that which won’t grow anymore. And plant some bulbs. Seems there’s always more bulbs to plant.

I did get a photo of my final spinning project that I wanted to complete before my month of self imposed exclusive knitting. I have 390 yards of 2 ply yarn, about a dk weight, out of rolags I made on my blending board.


I dutifully put this in the stash I reorganized, but I admit, it’s going to be very difficult not to cast this one on immediately. MUST finish dragonfire first!

One more quick cleaning story. I am going to tackle Mr. Ink’s den today. For the record, that’s where I also store my yarn and fiber. I told him I intended to tackle that room today, and, quite frankly, it needs to be tackled. It’s in rough shape, mostly because it’s “his” space and I don’t spend time in there, nor do I do much other than vacuum the rug and a little dusting now and then. That being said, he’s got a bookshelf which has his miniature models he painted when he was a child. There are hundreds. And they are so tiny, so delicate, and so awesome. But, they have never been dusted since he set them up. I used to get annoyed about it, but now I mostly let it go. However, not on cleaning week! I told him last night “I love you SOOOO much that I am going to move each miniature and dust. That’s a whole lot of love, I’ll have you know!” And he said “Oh, I’ll do it!” In a cheerful manner. Now, I know full well he’d just leave them there dusty and it would never annoy him. So I said “OH! Thank you! And….that must mean you love ME a whooooole lot to be willing to do that job for me!”