Running Out

I’ve worked fairly studiously on my dragonfire scarf, but am now in serious danger of running out of yarn. There’s really nothing less inspiring to me than worrying about the possibility of running out. And while the only way to know is to keep knitting, I tend to put the project down, bury my head in the sand, and keep things in some sort of strange limbo rather than figure things out for certain.


In any case, here’s where I am now. I am into the solid brown, it’ll be this color until the end. Where ever that end may be.

My house deep cleaning project remains relatively on schedule. The craft room was cleaned, and Mr. Ink’s den got almost done, including the dusting of all the tiny models. Despite the fact it was on the saturday list, it remains unfinished because I came up with the idea to move some furniture that is currently in the garage into that room, thus doing away with the plastic storage bins of Mr. Ink’s stuff currently sitting against the wall. I wasn’t positive the idea would be well received, but it was not only well received but expanded upon, indicating that we might also move the desk from the garage in there as well. THIS would give me the opportunity to clean behind the desk, and that’s just wonderful news!

Today’s job was deep clean the living room and rearrange furniture in anticipation of putting up the tree in the near future. Maybe even tonight. That project is also complete, already, much to my amazement. Mostly I was trying to avoid mowing the lawn because I didn’t want to admit it needed mowing.

So, I suspect my next job is to get outdoors and spend some time in the sunshine working on outdoor projects. I got a bunch of outdoor work done yesterday, but then ended up taking an almost 2 hour nap much to everyone’s surprise. This, naturally, made it so that I was unable to complete the outdoor projects.

In final knitting news, I picked up yarn to begin a pair of mittens for my nephew. I got started on them last evening, and I am so excited about them! The yarn I chose, Debbie Bliss Rialto DK, is wonderful! It’s got a great elasticity to it, which I think will help it keep it’s shape nicely, and it’s superwash merino so it’ll hold up to the necessary washing of a pair of mittens for a little boy. And the colors were so bright and cheery! I’ll save what I have and show it off tomorrow, hopefully a bit further along. But, suffice it to say, I am glad I went out and got an appropriate yarn for the job rather than trying to make something from my stash work.

Tomorrow….dining room cleaning, maybe a load of stuff to donate, homemade bread, and maybe even cookies. Doesn’t all that just sound like a glorious vacation?