Warm Home & Warm Hands

I am behind on my cleaning schedule! I began as I meant to go on, I just didn’t go on. Or rather, I went on with a different plan. I had scheduled the dining room and bathroom for deep cleaning. The dining room got done. But, instead of deep cleaning the bathroom, yesterday found me baking molasses oatmeal bread and molasses spice cookies. And putting up our tree, making sure it was lit, and bringing up the decorations from the basement. It wasn’t how I meant to go on, but I believe that my family appreciated it quite a bit, and it was a wonderful way to enjoy a vacation in a warm house smelling of spices.

Yesterday also found me finishing the second mitten for my nephew, it’s as cute as the first!


I tend to not do a great job with assembly and tiny pieces, so I enjoyed the fact that this pattern was so well written as to make it all quite easy and comfortable a process.

I then started a glove for myself out of the handspun I made at the lakehouse. And finished it this morning.


It fits quite nicely and took up all the yarn I had wound up, which was the smaller skein, the stuff that didn’t fit on the jumbo bobbin. So, now I’ve gotta wind more yarn to start on glove 2. However, it knit up quite fast, and I have to say, the annoyance of making individual fingers is lessened quite a bit when working with a worsted weight yarn. The simple patterning over the back of the hand gave me something to think about as I was knitting, so that was nice. Also, I FINALLY spent the money on goodreader app to use with my downloaded patterns. It’s so much easier to keep track of where I am in a pattern now! I should have done that ages ago, it’s just I have this mental block about spending money on apps. It’s like cable TV. I’ve never done it and I don’t plan to start now. Except…I did. Once. Let’s hope it stays at that.

It’s been exceedingly rainy today, and I had to walk over to the school to see Miss Butterfly present her passion project.


She was so ridiculously nervous, like woah. I don’t think she slept much last night, and was in tears this morning. They had told the kids that high school teachers would be there viewing the passion projects, and this isn’t something that’s going to encourage my kid. It’s just going to make her ridiculously anxious. She probably isn’t going to feel like she did a good job, but at least she’ll be done and home in a few minutes, she’s got a half day. And *I* think she did great, I am proud of her, but she tells me that’s not the point.

After her presentation, I took a decent walk in the rain. I got a bit chilled, but it was quiet and lovely in the town, and it felt good to work off some of those cookies.

It’ll be tree decorating in the warm house once Miss Butterfly gets home, and bathroom cleaning. After today we’ve got a rather busy social schedule, so we’ll have to enjoy today as much as possible.