Lovely Day

Miss Butterfly was so in need of down time yesterday that she got home from school and put on pajamas. This is the kid who rarely even puts on pajamas to sleep in. Pajamas and a large fleece robe. This was how she decided we’d decorate the tree. And that’s what we did, with Christmas music as well.


No snow on the ground to make it extra special, just dreary rain. But it was lovely nonetheless. After that, she had to put clothes back on so we could go out and care for the cat, but we made an adventure of that too, going out for lunch, and doing some pokemon playing before checking in on the cat.

This morning she’s catching up on sleep. She just kept getting more and more tired, I could tell. So I am not surprised that she’s sleeping in today. While she sleeps in, I drink coffee and finish my gloves.


A great, warm pair of gloves in only 3 days. I’d say that’s about perfect. And, I’ve a lot of yarn left over, and am trying to decide if gloves need a matching cowl or something.

It’s a busy day today, with a haircut for me, some necessary shopping, and then a late evening cold bike ride with a bunch of friends. It’ll be great, but I am basking in the quiet right now since it’ll be so busy later.

I hope everyone else in the states is feeling the warmth and anticipation of tomorrow’s holiday! We aren’t doing a big meal, but we will be gathering with friends in the evening for a social hour. What’s your holiday plan?

4 thoughts on “Lovely Day

  1. My in-laws are about to descend on our house; there are 6 of us to begin with, but there will be 7-9 more squeezing in with us. I’m washing sheets and blankets and tidying up. Lucky for me, I get to stand back and let my husband, MIL, and SIL take over the kitchen: my job is to show them where things are and then stay out of the way, which used to bother me but now I just enjoy it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Your tree is awesome. YOUR GLOVES amazing! I never got the fingers down so I do fingerless, but I’d love to master gloves. Small turkey breast for fireman and I . Lots of loving texts from the kids back and forth. Countdown to Christmas when my adult kids BOTH come home for time withus together!

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