A New Coat

The gloves caused me to want to purchase a new casual coat. And really, it was time. Meaning, my current casual coat is quite literally old enough to legally drink. That’s right, I purchased it some 21 years ago in order to go on a ski trip with some friends, and it’s held up ever since. It’s a good coat! But, out of date, and doesn’t look great on me anymore, and I am ready for a change.

I ended up picking a nice grey color coat, somewhat casual, but nice and long, fairly lightweight, yet still warm. I like it! And, the color of the coat does those gloves justice. So I decided to cast on a honey cowl to match the coat and gloves, giving myself an entirely new set.


Color is a little off again in this photo, the previous glove photo colors were better. This looks warm, but the colors are very cool. In any case, it’s moving right along!

Due to Mr. Ink getting home quite late from work, after having a very fantastic day at work (Which NEVER happens.) We were unable to attend the bike ride we had planned. I’d been out socializing and running errands all day so I didn’t really mind. Miss Butterfly headed to her dad’s house, so we decided to have a date night. We went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and then out to see the movie Arrival. While we could have waited for it to come out on DVD, we are both thoughtful sci fi LOVERS, and felt it important to support this one in the theater. As we’d like to make it clear we find this type of movie worth making. So we saw it in the theater, and we both enjoyed it quite a bit.

This morning has mainly been relaxing and enjoying a good breakfast. We are having a quiet day, and then we’ll be out socializing this evening, which we are both looking forward to. I am really hoping to find myself the motivation to clean the bathroom, but MAN, it’s tough!

On the list as well for today, my annual listen to Alice’s Restaurant Massacree. With my knitting. My own tradition I’ve cultivated for years.

One thought on “A New Coat

  1. Dont you love when your knitting makes you buy something like a new coat??? Yours sounds perfect for the gloves and new cowl. 😉

    Enjoy your day and your clean house, the bathroom will get done…

    We are seeing a movie in theater tonight- a thing we rarely do- Inferno. Parallel lives we live, in many ways.

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