Of Knitting and Socializing

It’s been a pretty good couple of days over here. Thanksgiving day we really didn’t cook any type of meal at all, but did go spend time with friends watching for the lights in our downtown area be lit for the season. It was good fun to view that from the warmth and height of a downtown condo. It’s a small space, but I was surprised at how many people we fit in there and still managed to make it feel comfortable. We stayed late, were of the last ones to leave. So most of Friday was spent catching up on rest.

I did some knitting, met up with a girlfriend for lunch (at a fancy ramen place, which I really thought I’d love, but as it turns out TRULY disliked. TOO SALTY! And if I say too salty, that’s saying something. I love salt.) took naps, knit, watched the first new Gilmore Girls episode. Then off to see Gogol Bordello with Mr. Ink last night. They came through town twice in fairly quick succession a couple years back, and I passed up both opportunities, saying “Seems they come through town often.” And then I’ve been waiting for them to come back ever since. It’s been years. FINALLY I had my opportunity. And it was quite a wonderful, extremely loud and enthusiastic crowd. Highly unusual for this area. The people attending that show truly wanted to be there, and it was sold out. And we got a solid 2.5 hours of Gogol Bordello. The pace they keep for those 2.5 hours is just insane, I was so tired toward the end and they just kept moving. Very theatrical, very enjoyable, well worth the wait.

It was a bit of a tough concert on another level. You see, Mr. Ink and Mike both love live music. But, Mr. Ink likes to get right down near the stage and dance his heart out. Mike liked to hang back with his cup of ice water. So, it became a habit for these wilder shows we’d attend that Mike would actually be the person that I’d spend time with, as I am typically uninterested in being close to stage as well. Mike would have loved the show, but I was by myself, and missing his company. I suppose there will be many moments like that coming up, but this one was the first, and thus, quite noticeable to me.

But, now on to some more uplifting subjects. I finished my honey cowl. It’s a medium size, so not all that long. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yarn for the long version. It’s not officially washed and blocked yet either, and I suspect I’ll gain a bit of length once I do that.


Looks pretty good! I’ll enjoy having a matching set. And I still had more yarn leftover. Not enough for a hat, but I figured it may be enough for an ear warmer headband. I cast one on, and it looks pretty nice as well! Though if I’d been smarter, I would have done one in the same pattern as the gloves. I guess it’ll have to be ok just to have the yarn match.


I am about halfway done with this one, worrying about yarn of course, but at least if I run out it’s not THAT big of a deal. Not a huge time investment in this project.

I am beginning to feel the effects of the month of knitting, though not in the way I would like. I’d LIKE to feel the effects by having a smaller stash all of a sudden. But, my reality is that my hands are sore. And I am not actually sure just how long I can make it with the exclusive knitting. On the other hand, I figure I won’t have vast amounts of time for it either when I head back to work next week. So it may just come out in the wash. However, I keep feeling a spin coming on. Hah!