Guys, decisions are hard! At least, big ones like vehicles. We’ve just been struggling along this week attempting to make a decision. And just when we think we have, one of us thinks of some additional point that throws a wrench into the whole thing and makes us start over. In reality, almost every evening we come back around to the same vehicle, so it seems like that should be our choice. But, then, we have a day to think on it and we get confused again.

Early on we had told Miss Butterfly that we had made our decision, and we showed her our vehicle and she got all excited about it. Last night Mr. Ink felt like he’d better tell her that we were considering other options, because she really hates not being in the know. Her reaction was surprisingly generous, just a “Well, it’s hard to make a decision on a big purchase like that!” Thanks kid, for giving us the permission to take our time. Hah! Funny how kids to end up factoring in these decisions even when they will probably leave the home far sooner than the vehicle will.

I finished another knitting project, this is my Gothic Spires scarf. It’s been done since Monday, but I haven’t been home to get a photo when it isn’t dark yet. So, here it is, using my handspun.


It turned out nicely! It’s soft and squishy and I really do like it. And the lace pattern was great to knit!

On Saturday we had snow. Sunday, still snow. Monday no more snow, but it was cold and rainy. Mr. Ink said “I am going to the store for mulch.” Which sounded odd, but I didn’t question it. Upon his return he was outdoors for a very long time. I said “Miss Butterfly, go see what Mr. Ink is doing!” And she poked her head out the door and said “Well, he’s carrying rocks around.” Well, ok then.

Later he did come in, well after dark, wet, muddy, and shivering. (Please to remember he is also nursing a cold. If you use the term “nursing” very loosely since really he just gets on with it.) I asked him what he had done, and he said “Well, I put in a little more garden edgers and pulled out more sod, and got things mulched in.

The before picture I’ve shown here:


It is, of course, a bit hard to tell but in the photo above, just to the right, there’s an elderberry bush. Mr. Ink brought this section farther to the right to include the first of two elderberry bushes.


Of course, in the winter, it’s harder to tell what he did. But it’s progress! At a time I never anticipated any.

That’s about it from here. I’ve started two new knitting projects which I am hoping to showcase in the next two days. But, it’s been slow going due to a busy season. That being said, one of them I specifically started in order to be able to work on it while negotiating a vehicle price. I am sure you know how that can go, and I want to be prepared for the sitting and waiting part of that equation. I bet Mr. Ink will have a terrible time with that bit.