Reflecting on this day

So, it’s my 40th birthday. I sort of don’t care much about birthdays as a general rule and let them pass with little fanfare. I rarely plan anything ahead of time, I see where that date falls on the calendar, and then try to make it special incorporating whatever I’d most likely be doing on that date anyhow.

It seems like, though, this year people keep asking me to reflect on turning 40. They keep asking how I feel about it, like it should be some really big deal to me, whether that big deal be positive or negative.

So, I’ve been reflecting on it a bit when I have the chance. I am not sure I have a ton of coherent thoughts about it. But, I’ll see if I can type the few thoughts I do have about it. Here’s the deal, I really do not see how I could possibly feel negatively about turning 40 when my experience since my teens is that life gets better the older you get. I mean sure, it’ll toss curve balls at you, and you have to learn to deal. But the overall theme, at least for me, is that life keeps getting better. Parenting a tween is FAR more interesting to me than parenting a little. I expect that to continue. I’ve never really been too concerned about aging. I think grey hair is gorgeous, and always have. I’ve had my aunts to look up to, staying unique and stylish and active and interesting throughout their lives. And, really, in my brain my mother and my aunts didn’t age past 40 anyhow. They stopped there, probably around the age they were where I realized that they were people with their own wants and needs too.

If I am lucky, I am about halfway through my life. I’ve worked my current job for 11 years. They’ve been GREAT years. Stable years. It’s been awesome. I want for nothing at this point. My family life couldn’t be more perfect. I love my home, I love going home to it at the end of the day, I love the anticipation of having Mr. Ink walk in the door, I love the warmth and quirkiness of our house and yard. I love the laughter of the three of us spending time together in the kitchen/dining room in the evenings. I love the relaxing of my uptight nature that I’ve found when I am not the sole person responsible for running my household.

So, truly. What am I supposed to say about turning 40 other than “Let’s do this!”

In knitting news, here’s a project I’ve started:


I know, I know. It kind of looks goofy. This is the Martinmas Shawl. The olive green is Madtosh, and the blue is Marja’s handspun. Here I’ve done 2 sections of the blue. There are 6 sections of the blue to do. I am already worried about running out of yarn. However, this is one of those shawls where you start from the bottom, decreasing as you go. Last night I worked through the third blue section and started the fourth. So really, it won’t be long before I discover if I will run out of the blue or not. Crossing my fingers.

Tonight we are headed out for indian food, just me and my family. Tomorrow we’ll throw a little party with friends. On Sunday, I’ll relax. It’ll be a lovely weekend of birthday, just the way I want it.

3 thoughts on “Reflecting on this day

  1. OH Happy Birthday. I love your observations. I too love parenting as they grow . I loved the baby days but they were exhausting and often boring. I wish you health and happiness and I love your newest knit up

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