One More Week

Well, we had a fun evening around here. I left work, checked my pokemon game only to see a dragonite in sightings. What a surprise! I’ve been walking a dragonair for over 88 km and am still only 60% to my goal of a dragonite. Early on in the game when I began playing, I saw one. I tried to catch it, not even knowing how rare it was. I’d really only just begun. It ate all my pokeballs and still escaped. I was determined, this time, to get it.


Guess what? I got a dragonite for my birthday!!! I immediately drove to a gym, took it down, and placed this guy in it.

In non goofy game news, once I got home Miss Butterfly and her friend insisted on making cookies. After all, they argued, it was my birthday! I allowed it, though the dough needed time in the fridge and we didn’t get an opportunity to actually bake them. The girls really just wanted the dough anyhow. Then, once Mr. Ink arrived home we were off to a local restaurant for indian food. The rest of the family kept eyeing the dessert menu, even though I told them I have no interest. No one pays much attention to me when I remind them that I don’t love sweets. Miss Butterfly ate her weight in naan as usual, and had a sweet yogurt drink. Then she decided that she hadn’t had enough to eat, despite the fact that Mr. Ink and I were too full for dessert. She negotiated a trip to a local fast food joint for a kids meal. The kids meal comes with ice cream, so she ate that. Then we got home, and she snuck next door and brought back this:


My neighbor, who I barely know quite frankly, though Miss Butterfly spends a ton of time there, made this for me! So so sweet.

But that’s when I also realized I’d been played all evening long. Really, my birthday was just an excuse for Miss Butterfly to procure just as many sweets as she could possibly find. Nonetheless, it was a lovely day.

I’ve one more week left in my self imposed month of knitting exclusively. And I’d say it’s gone pretty well! While I began with the Dino Mitts and cannot call that decreasing my stash, one of the main goals of knitting for a month, the rest of the month has been quite successful in that department. I am on schedule to have removed at least 7 skeins of yarn from my stash. Even if I don’t finish the two projects I currently have on the needles, They are so far begun that they are officially used up in my mind. Since I cannot technically spin 7 skeins of yarn in a month, the total is more like 4, 5 if I am pushing it, I’d say I feel a bit ahead. After all, Not only did I knit 7 skeins, I also didn’t create more skeins. It’s like using up 11 skeins! OOOOkay…That might be pushing the justification a bit.

In any case, the remainder of my huge skein of 3 ring circus paired with fatcat knits batt after knitting my nahant was calling out to me.


You might say I’ve been a little bit obsessed with this yarn. So I cast on a Lintilla scarf. Really one of my favorite patterns for enjoyable and easy knitting, and I need that for the upcoming car negotiations. In fact, while I am having trouble putting it down, and quite a bit is getting done on it, I am really TRYING to concentrate on the Martinmas shawl instead, leaving the easy and portable shawl for the upcoming week.


To some extent, that’s silly. I mean, it’s not like I don’t have LOADS more yarn and needles. Should I somehow magically finish this Lintilla before Monday (Not actually possible in a universe in which it doesn’t knit itself while I am sleeping) I could just cast on another easy pattern. But. This is my car buying knitting.

That’s all from here today. I’ve got to straighten up the house and clean so that we can enjoy our company this evening. And I’d probably better find some snacks for people to eat as well.

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