Monday Monday

Mondays are tough, especially this time of year! It was 8F when I woke up this morning. I know it’ll get quite a bit colder before the winter is over, but that felt harsh.

We had a nice quiet day yesterday. I went for a long walk in the cold, did approximately a million loads of laundry, cleaned up from the party, napped, and knit. Just the way I like it. We didn’t go look for new stoves, mostly because I decided I’d like to table that gift until after we’ve made the car purchase. I am on decision overload at the moment, and don’t want to make the wrong choice simply because I can’t stand another decision. It’s safer to leave it for now.

As for the upcoming car purchase, Mr. Ink, being an indecisive person, keeps giving me more and more options to consider. Now, I am one of those people who makes quick decisions and lives with the outcome. So, the more decisions I am given, the more apathetic I become. I get to a point where I am thinking “Ok, I got excited about this option, but we didn’t go with it, and I got excited about this other option, and we didn’t go with it, and that keeps happening and now I don’t want to or cannot get excited about any option.” Meanwhile, Mr. Ink sees this apathy and thinks he’s somehow doing something wrong. Making a wrong choice, or missing something. And his solution is to throw more options at me in hopes I’ll get excited about one of them. The more options, the more apathy I feel. See the problem here? We need to get out of this cycle now. To be honest, we are spinning our wheels so to speak, looking at all GREAT options, all good prices, all within a small amount from each other, all less than we had expected to pay. There’s actually no losing option anymore. Which is why we just need to go for it.

In more fun, and knitting news, my parents sent a couple amazing little gifts off my crafting wish list. The first being a set of 9 inch circs for sock knitting, I think I might have mentioned that yesterday. Originally I was going to wait to start socks for Mr. Ink until I could get to our LYS sale. However, as I sat knitting yesterday I thought “SURELY I have something in my stash he’d be ok with colorwise?” I mean, my stash really is extensive, though less so than it used to be. There’s no reason in the world unless he’s ridiculously picky that I cannot find serviceable sock yarn in my stash for this.

So I went to my stash and yanked out a VERY old skein of Wollmeise, probably one of the first I ever owned. And cast on a sock on those wee needles.


As you can see, it’s been a bit of an obsession. I think it’s slower for me, right now, than knitting on 2 circs or magic loop. But I think that’s simply because hand placement is a little tricky, and I suspect I will get used to it. It’s been a pleasant diversion, these socks. They were absolutely my main project yesterday.

The other thing my parents sent which I am SO excited about as I’ve had my eye on it for awhile now:


Fun little leather bracelet that doubles as a measuring tape. Seems so perfectly appropriate for a knitter! It’s also, as it turns out, VERY comfortable to wear.

I guess that’s about a wrap for me today. I don’t anticipate a lot of knitting time today or tomorrow. I’ll spend my lunch walking the fabulous Max, Miss Marja’s dog. Pretty sure that’s something I am doing for me rather than for her, as I really need the excuse to go out in the cold and take a walk. In the evening, I won’t have time as we are supposed to test drive again tonight. Test driving is now testing the limits of my patience, so hopefully that’s ONLY tonight.