And a Decision is Made

After my last post complaining about car purchasing decisions, I went home with the intention of telling Mr. Ink specifically what it was that I wanted in our new car, but with the caveat that if he, as the mechanic in the household, thought these were particularly poor ideas for a good reason, I’d defer to him. After all, I’d expect him to defer to me if I were the expert on a subject.

We then headed back out car shopping. And, we decided to test drive again one which has been top on our list of potential vehicles. Now, I currently drive a little civic, which fits nicely in our attached garage, despite the garage door opening being rather small. I think I’ve mentioned before, the garage door opening is 91 inches, and one of the vehicles top on our list was 88 inches. Now, the vehicle we drove on Monday evening we were told by a salesperson that it was 79 inches so we thought for sure this would work for us. But, being particularly nervous about this, I suggested doing our own measurements when we went in on Monday. We did, and the vehicle is more like 85 inches wide.

This wasn’t ideal news, but the sales gal, hearing our concern, said “Why don’t you take it home and try it!” so, we did. When I got it home, and opened the garage, I completely panicked. I didn’t want to even try. But, Mr. Ink was up to the task. He did it twice, saying the second time that it went much better the second time, as he’d rolled down his window to get a good idea of where the front of the vehicle was. In the morning, on the way to work, I pulled it out of the garage just fine, and really enjoyed my morning commute. So, because of this, I decided to work at psyching myself up to pull it in the garage after work. WHICH I DID LIKE A BOSS! It really wasn’t bad at all. It takes getting used to, yes, I mean an SUV, even a small one, is SO much larger than a civic. But I did it, and felt like I could continue to do so.

And, we also found our perfect car! Except….it’s in Texas. We are waiting to see if we can get it transferred up here. It’s a 2013 but only has 17K miles on it. It has everything I want in the car. And on top of that, it has everything Mr. Ink wants in a car. And we love the color, and it’s got some additional nice details going on that aren’t on most of these cars, like pinstriping and extra chrome detailing to snaz it up a bit. It’ll likely be after the new year before it can get here to Omaha, but we are very excited about the vehicle, and we are excited to have MADE A DECISION.

To be honest, I’d gotten so worked up about it I wasn’t sleeping well. We don’t even desperately need a car, and maybe that’s part of the problem. No incentive to rush the decision. So, I kept waking up at 4:30 a.m. worrying over a decision that really didn’t deserve my worry. I slept until 6 this morning!

This, naturally, means we’ve spent the last two evenings in cars or in car dealerships. Where I got Mr. Ink’s sock out to knit on during all the waiting moments.


It’s progressing. At some point while sitting in the dealership last night I looked at Mr. Ink and said “Perhaps I should put this away, it’s getting ridiculously long!” Well, he took one look and said “No! Keep going, I would kind of like to have it be a nice long sock.” So I kept going. While at work today, I messaged him, asking specifically how long he’d like the legs on these socks to be, and he said 10 inches. So, I used my handy dandy wrist measuring tape bracelet, and established that I’d gotten there during my lunch hour. So, I’ll be adding my waste yarn for the heel when I get home tonight. And then so much more in the round knitting as his feet are size 13. Thankfully, it’s Wollmeise pure, so I should have 574 yards, giving me plenty to complete the project. BUT JUST IN CASE, I am totally going to save the heels and toes for last on both socks. JUST TO BE SURE!

I did also finish the martinmas shawl, so that’s currently soaking, waiting for my return home from work so I can get it blocked. I am so excited about being home tonight, I just can’t even tell you! The house needs straightening, and I need the downtime. It’s going to be great!