Wrap Up

Well, last night was the last night of my month of self imposed exclusive knitting. It went well I think. Here’s what I knit.

Dino Mitts: These can’t count as stash busters because I did purchase the yarn for them.


Then there was a 8 oz. skein of handspun which turned into a cowl, gloves, and an ear warmer to go with my new coat.

I completed the knitting of my dragonfire scarf, that was over 900 yards of handspun, even though it wasn’t enough to finish the pattern itself. I wear this. A lot. It’s amazingly soft.



I knit a snow showers cowl out of noro taiyo sock, great stashbuster that it was!


And then another 4 oz. skein of handspun went to a gothic spires scarf.


One completed project left, just the latest martinmas shawl which busted 2 skeins, one of handspun and one of commercial yarn.


Of course, I had a birthday in there and so that one skein of Marja’s handspun that went into the above shawl was replaced with a birthday skein of Marja’s handspun. I grin at this because while it begins to defeat the purpose of all this knitting, I can’t help but love it.

So, ┬ácompleted project stash busting total, let’s count skeins at around 4 ounces. So the 8 ounce skeins I’ll count as 2. 8! 8 skeins knit into wearable items. In one month.

Now for an update on what got done last night. About an hour before I left work, it began icing. I can’t call it snowing. But, a film of ice formed over everything, the air was heavy, and then by the time I left work there were ice pellets falling and coating everything. It got very slick outside. So slick that I refused to attempt parking in our driveway. The commute home was ridiculously slow, there were cars in the ditches everywhere, but it seemed like slow was the way to do it, I didn’t actually have an issue with the drive.

It was Miss Butterfly’s winter concert as you may remember. I came home to her getting ready to go and a huge argument over her choir top (she doesn’t like wearing it, but I refused to let her replace it with a white tshirt) ensued. All the while I am waiting for a call from the school indicating the concert was canceled. But, it was only after the argument that the call came in. A sudden loss of evening plans resulted in Miss Butterfly and 2 neighbor girls using our upper parking lot as a “skating” rink, giggling and shrieking and running around. It was WONDERFUL. Mostly because I was in my PJs under a blanket.

Mr. Ink got home and got the old truck into the lower driveway just fine. I reminded him that he’d have to bring my car into the driveway as I can’t park out back overnight. I told him he’d need to salt the driveway, but he didn’t listen. Instead, he went out there and said “Either my shoes are really good, or this stuff isn’t that slick.” I rolled my eyes and went back to my knitting and listening to the girls, knowing FULL WELL what would happen next. I heard my car come around, get partway up the driveway, and then engine revving and tires spinning. For quite some time. Eventually the garage door opened and closed again, and then Mr. Ink comes up the stairs and says “Well, I guess my shoes are Just That Good.” And then he headed back out to put ice melt on the driveway. The slightly snarky part of me wants to mention that he clearly learned nothing from last year. But soon that car will be HIS problem and he will become very knowledgable in how it handles in the ice and snow.

Miss Butterfly went to her dad’s later in the evening, and Mr. Ink and I watched our favorite movie again, Mad Max Fury Road. I knit on lintilla for a long while:


It has grown a ton. And I knit a bit on Mr. Ink’s socks. 10.5 inches of leg, and I’ll need 9 inches before I start the toe. I tried to get a shot of the scrap yarn so you could see how far I’ve gotten since last time I showed them off, but it’s not much farther to be honest.


Sorry about the cruddy indoor photos. You know I love to take pictures outdoors. However, the high today is 10F, and that already happened while we were sleeping. The rest of the day the temps go down, with the predicted overnight of -9F. Let’s just say I have no interest in going outdoors for good knitting photos, this will have to do. If I had a finished object, I’d just save it for another day.

Mr. Ink agreed to some extra work today so he’s headed in to work in my car, since it was in my garage and it’s nice and warm. I warned him that he might have trouble getting it started in the cold, but then remembered two things. The first being that his 22 year old truck isn’t going to start any better in the cold, and the second being that he’s a mechanic. At work. If he can’t get the car started, he’s got literally EVERY resource at his fingertips. Not actually a thing to worry about.

And I haven’t decided if spinning is a thing I’ll do, or if I shall continue on the path of knitting what I have, or even cast on something new! I’ve got coffee, the house is warm and quiet, and the day feels full of possibilities after a good night’s rest.