As you remember from yesterday, the high of 10F hit before I woke up, and by the time I was blogging it was only 7. Well, in interest of getting a reasonable amount of steps in, right after I blogged, I bundled up appropriately and tried to take a walk. I figured how bad could it be? I knew that the wind was blowing terribly, and it “felt like” -7, but I really wanted to get that walk in. I took off in one direction thinking “This isn’t so bad!” and then went around the block. The moment I turned in the other direction, that wind hit me hard. And I realized the only reason I could say “This isn’t so bad!” is because when the wind is at my back, no exposed skin is being directly hit. It felt bad, real bad, going the other direction. I made it around the block. About halfway around the block my hips ached, my lower back ached, basically that cold just penetrated my joints terribly. I was so happy to be back indoors, and I figured that I could do lots and lots of household chores to get my reasonable amount of steps in. Which I did.

This morning it’s -10. Yep, we went even lower than predicted. Thankfully this morning the wind has died down. We were to go out last evening to the bike party, but the driveway was a sheet of ice and the ice melt wouldn’t work as cold as it was, so we stayed in. Later today we should be able to get out again.

In the meantime, I knit. A lot. I have 7.5 out of 9 inches of Mr. Ink’s sock foot knit now. And, my Lintilla scarf is now at the point where I knit the final edge ruffles. With the vast stretch of a day before me yesterday, I also flitted from craft to craft a bit. I wound 3 skeins of Marja’s handspun, yarn which I’ll knit and then it’ll go back to her. I got a tiny bit of spinning on the wheel.


That’s loop cloud, colorway peacock. It’s barely a start, but it’s picture worthy.

And I did some drum carding. Well, mostly planning, but some drum carding as well. I’ve got this wool/mohair mix that is all red, and I figured it might be fun to add some stuff and run it through the carder, making fun batts. I decided the first batch needed to move toward pink, so I added quite a bit of white to it, as well as some various pinks and greys.


It’s got recycled sari silk, bamboo, and cashmere noil, along wiht the added colors. I only carded one batt, even though I planned out 4 batts. So, I probably need to get in front of the drum carder again today. I’ve got a lot more of that red, and I am thinking about taking the next batch toward purple.

As for today, I really hope it warms up enough to go out and get gifts for people, as well as get a walk in. Mr. Ink even said he’d like to walk with me. That’s highly unusual. But first, it needs to warm up. Oh look! It took me so long to write this that now it’s -7. That’s….hopeful!