Leading Up

Leading up to vacation. Miss Butterfly had a fever of 103 last night! Somehow that feels disturbing on a 12 year old. But, it was down a bit this morning, and she’s keeping soups down. She has requested egg drop soup and a fruit cup today, that I am to find on my way home from work. Yep, I am at work and I’ll be here the full day or until I hear she wants me home.

However, being at work today has been lovely quite frankly. It’s quiet. There was a gift card under my keyboard from the person who headed up the disastrous grant on Tuesday, as well as an email to the chair of our department acknowledging the super hard work of my team and myself, and an email from the chair of the department also acknowledging that work. I actually heard that the chair came to my office yesterday while I was gone, and was apparently going to tease me a bit about the grant, telling me we were ready to move forward with trying to submit it late. The one person on my team he told this to was like “It’s probably best she’s not here….”

I guess there’s nothing like major work disaster to make you appreciate a long christmas vacation. Which I am on, as of 4 p.m. today.

Here’s some knitting and spinning photos I took yesterday once I was able to be home with Miss Butterfly:


That’s half a loop cloud on a bobbin. I finished the other half last evening. And then I started a new project, so I have to wait to finish that bobbin before plying the loop cloud. After taking a long spinning break, I don’t feel particularly tied to any one spinning project or producing a certain yarn. My whims are where I am headed with it at the moment. Not a lot of thought, just pretty fiber and muscle memory.


And there’s the Lintilla I started out of Miss Marja’s handspun. Honestly? I might rip this. There were two skeins. But, the tiny skein was chain plied while the rest 3 plied. And I started with the chain ply. However, I feel a bit like this isn’t making the product I want, and may rip back this section, remove the chain ply from the bulk of the project, saving it for the end in the off chance I run into a situation of running out of yarn. I think that would make me happier. But, I could just be sick of knitting this right now, and need to put it down. And that would be ok, I’ve still got a stocking on the needles, and I’ve got Mr. Ink’s socks, and two more skeins of Miss Marja’s handspun that want to be made into fun knitted objects.

Tomorrow all 3 of us have off together, and I admit that I selfishly am hoping that Miss Butterfly is feeling well enough to at least go to the movies or something! We shall see.