Merry Rainy Christmas

We’ve got….thunderstorms! All day. I woke up to the sound of rain on the roof, made coffee to the sound of thunder, and am now enjoying the light show just before it gets light enough to see the rest of the world around us.


I finished this loop cloud skein a few days ago, but it looked so festive I decided to post it today. I’d say it’s a 2 ply DK weight yarn. It’s very fluffy. And I have 240 yards.

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day for us. Miss Butterfly is with her dad, where we are hearing that her fever is down to 99 and not going higher than that, which is quite encouraging. She’s irritable because she doesn’t think they take her seriously when she tells them she’s out of energy. And I think that could be the case as they didn’t see her in the worst of it, AND, they allow her a lot of screen time. For me, I just don’t allow screen time, so if she felt good, she’d be up and about. They assume her laying around is just lazy. But, if they remove the screens, they’d find out if it’s lazy or just recovery. In any case, I asked her if she wanted me to pick her up so she could recover at home, but she didn’t want that either. Her complaints might have validity, but they aren’t too bad if she’s offered an out and doesn’t take it.

We rearranged the garages in anticipation of the new vehicle. Moved a piece of furniture sitting in the shop into Mr. Ink’s “den of slack.” Moved the motorbikes up to the shop, and cleaned out the second attached garage bay in anticipation of the new vehicle. I’ll keep the bay I’ve been using the entire time we’ve lived here for the new vehicle, and Mr. Ink will use the other bay with my little civic. But, early on we lost the one and only garage door key while out on a bike ride. And, that bay doesn’t have an automatic door opener. We finally figured out why. We took a look in anticipation of putting a garage door opener in, and realized the reason that there isn’t one is that there’s ductwork for the house blocking the way. More research was done, and we learned that there are new styles of garage door openers that don’t use up your entire garage ceiling now. But, they require a bar across the top of the garage door area and we don’t have that on our garage doors. So, it’s either get new garage doors (Which I am not actually completely opposed to) and new garage door openers, or see how long it takes Mr. Ink to get sick of parking in the driveway, going upstairs, opening a main door, walking down to the basement, opening his bay, putting the car in, and closing the bay.

We ended up settling for a different solution for now. Mr. Ink found a kit to rekey his garage door. It’s a lot less expensive than the new garage doors and new openers option. I am still not opposed to the idea of new garage doors and openers, but maybe not right after christmas when we also just bought a new car? (Not that we’ve bought the car yet, but we cannot imagine why we wouldn’t as soon as it shows up.)

In any case, it’ll be another quiet day around here I suspect. We’ll do our little family christmas tomorrow night, as Miss Butterfly thinks she might want to stay at her dads overnight and return to us in the morning. We don’t really mind changing our celebration date, and if Mr. Ink’s kids want to come, it makes it easier for them as well. They don’t have to try to maneuver visiting with a number of different families all in one day.

Whether you celebrate or not, I do hope your day is filled with love and beautiful things! Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Merry Rainy Christmas

  1. Sounds like a nice quiet day. The garage was sounding complicated. I was wondering why you didn’t call a locksmith, I forgot how clever Mr. Ink is! Glad Miss B is starting to recover, I hope she is completely well soon.

    And the yarn is very festive!

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