Spinning and Prep

I’ve been spinning up a storm around here. Despite also having gone out for many walks with Miss Butterfly, and still doing a ton of christmas shopping. As of yesterday afternoon, christmas shopping was finally complete. As of last night, thanks to Mr. Ink, gifts were wrapped. Our next christmas with his extended family is tomorrow.


I’ve pulled out some The Dyeing Arts fiber to work on, I’ve got 8 ounces of this colorway. I am 2/3 of the way through. It’s mainly superwash merino with some cashmere and some nylon in it. I am working my way to a 3 ply, hopefully around dk weight, as I’ve got it in my head that this would make a great baby sweater, perhaps even baby surprise jacket, for my new upcoming nephew.

We had a quick visit from Miss Marja last night. Too quick really! We have been too busy to have a proper visit lately. Miss Butterfly got her fabulous gifts, and Miss Marja dropped off some of her rolags for me! Here’s a sneak peek.


These are just going to stay right next to my spinning chair since I have it in mind to spin them up next. Can’t wait really!

We also had a quick visit from Mr. Ink’s daughter KK and her wife last night. They dropped by to leave their car and pick up the truck, as the girls are moving into a new place. It was good to see them, even if brief. Mr. Ink made sure to put the stuff we’ve been storing for her in the shop into the truck before they even arrived. He’s been anxious to have it out of his shop, and so he took the opportunity when he had it. I admit that it’s nice to still have the old truck around, rather than having gone with a new truck this time around. I mean, it’s just fine to send a 22 year old truck off with a 21 year old kid to use in a move. We might not be so generous with a brand new truck.

Today we are packing for our trip, so there’s laundry being done and suitcases coming out, and I need to get my craft bag ready to go. I am pretty certain I never touched my knitting yesterday at all. I also need to bake some pies, though I did get the bread done yesterday. And there’s a little bit of very pleasant visiting to do with a friend too, which I am quite looking forward to. And on that note, I’d better get to it! Might be light on posting for a few days, but I’ll get plenty of photos for blog fodder upon our return. If I don’t get an opportunity to tell you later, have a fabulous and celebratory new year’s eve. I, for one, am eager to have this year and me go our separate ways.