Yesterday Miss Butterfly and I went on a long pokewalk. What we’ve now come to call our long walks together which also involve pokemon hunting. To be honest, the game is about over for me at this point, as I have almost everything there is to have, and so it’s boring. BUT, she doesn’t, so we still hunt for her, and it’s a great way to convince her to head out with me.

Upon our return, she’d asked if we could watch some Lemony Snicket. I told her no, I didn’t really feel like watching anything right now. She took that “right now” over to Mr. Ink, and asked HIM for a family movie night. He agreed, and said he’d order pizza. I got a BIT annoyed because I’d just told her no, and she explained that she’d taken that “right now” statement as an indication that later might be ok. It was a little underhanded, but I can’t really resist family time.

In fact, she was unusually all up in Mr. Ink’s business yesterday. First she got him to agree to family movie night, then she got him to order pizza, then she wanted to go WITH him to pick up pizza. AND, they decided on a movie together. Which turned out to be Jaws. A movie she’s seen before, and thinks is hilarious.  All fine with me, as really I just needed a few minutes of quiet prior to the movie.

Upon their return, I found out that Mr. Ink had scratched my new car! He scratched the mirror when trying to get the car out of the garage. It really IS a tight fit. I am simultaneously annoyed and relieved it wasn’t me who put the first scratch on the new car. He’s promised me touch up paint, and I’ll be holding him to that.

In any case, we had a lovely evening watching Jaws and eating pizza. And I knit, naturally. I worked on my duotone cowl because it’s awfully close to being done, and I figured it was a good one for “scary” movie watching.

I didn’t get photos of it though. I just have a photo of the latest reversible circles of lace scarf I am knitting. This one is another for Miss Marja project out of Miss Marja’s handspun.


It’s looking good! It’s my current lunchtime work project. Which means it’s slow going as usual, but there’s no technical rush, and it’s such luscious yarn that it’s nice to spend time with it, if that makes sense.

That’s about it for around here. I’d hoped to report that I had another grant out the door, at least. I’ve got 4 due this week. But, sadly, I am sitting around waiting on people to give me documents and information. I am at a total stand still! It looks like the remainder of this week is going to get ugly quickly. BUT, it’ll be over soon? There’s that at least.

Another Week

After another relaxing day where I relaxed but also got so much done, it’s Monday. So far though, it’s a slow start to my morning. Which I appreciate.

We decided to go out of the city again yesterday, to a small town with a pet store that was supposed to have a certain type of aquarium plant that Mr. Ink has wanted to get his hands on for a long time. Unfortunately, once there, he determined that the plants were not in the shape he wanted them to be. Instead, we picked up 3 shrimp and 3 new sword tail fish. I am pleased about this, as I’d had a sword tail that we raised from an itty bitty baby, she was one of 6 and the only one to survive, but after having her about a year and a half, she mysteriously passed away. It was a bummer, as she was such a good tank cleaner and I loved watching her. I called her my spirit animal, as her near constant state of cleaning really resonated with me. (Thankfully I do not have to clean the house by eating all the dirt.)

Now I’ve got 3 sword tails to watch in the tank. And Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly are enjoying searching for the shrimp.


The aquariums, built and maintained by Mr. Ink, are indeed a constant source of amusement and interest.

I got some spinning time in. I worked on some yellow batts on my wheel, and got the singles done. I am saving the plying for Tuesday evening as my knitting is so interesting right now.


And I managed another repeat on my new lace stole. While the first repeat took me all day Saturday, the second repeat wasn’t nearly so arduous. Thankfully. In fact, I’d say I quite enjoyed it. I may not be able to get a repeat done a night during the week, but it should go fairly quickly now.

In other news, gardening is right at the top of the list of conversations we are having around the house right now. Remember that burning bush that I loved for giving me a little privacy even though it was too large for it’s space and we had to keep cutting it back drastically? Here’s what it looks like now.


I think we’ve officially decided to take it out and replace it with a fairly mature already smoke bush. And we are, of course, going to take out this retaining wall that annoys the heck outta me each time I look at it and replace it with something more aesthetically pleasing to us. The plan is to work on this nightmare in April, and get our smoke bush in May to put in. That burning bush stump is going to be a pain to get out, but since that wall has to come down anyhow, now is a great time. Then, Mr. Ink intends to pull out quite a lot of the dirt in that garden, and amending it appropriately, so that I can have the larger veggie garden I’ve been hoping for. And, we intend to reroute that downspout to be less of an eyesore. Mr. Ink has had his nose buried in the internet catalogs of various trees and has placed a few orders. He’s getting antsy. Apparently the gardening and landscaping bug bit hard, he’s not going to quit in this upcoming year. I guess it bit me too, because I’ve been planning out my veggie garden and looking forward to getting that established too.

And that’s it from here. It’s supposed to be a lovely day today so I am hoping to finally get a walk in WITH Miss Butterfly as that hasn’t happened in awhile and I miss it. And then we are full speed ahead into the work week!


Luxury Or?

When we have an outing to go to, I keep asking Mr. Ink if we are going in Luxury or Prudency. Now the cars have names.

We took Luxury out to where Miss Butterfly was performing her choir concert. After all, as Mr. Ink has stated, Luxury knows how to do cold well, and it had also begun to snow. So, we headed out of town for the concert yesterday afternoon. I was unable to get a photo of the group, but there were 140 middle school students from schools within a 2 hour radius of the concert. They did a WONDERFUL job. It’s so amazing what happens when you pick top talent from area schools and get them together. They practiced for about 8 hours, and then performed amazing music. I did get an after the concert photo from the choir room.


She really did have a great time, loved the music, and after singing for 8 hours, and then performing, you’d think she’d be sick of it. I put her to bed and could hear her singing herself to sleep, as usual.

Today she’s been wandering around in her pink bunny onesie and making blanket forts. So, I’d say she’s craving some down time.

Yesterday, for ME, consisted of very little after my blog post. I’d told Mr. Ink that I was feeling so lazy and uninspired to get anything done. He, having heard about my rather difficult week not just with grants but with my staff as well, said “Well, I think you need that lazy day. I think you should just do nothing today. In fact, I ORDER it.” And indeed he did just kind of cater to me all day. Making me lunch, taking care of things around the house, giving me a back massage. I was quite spoiled. And, with taking Miss Butterfly out to dinner after the concert, he didn’t have to worry about cooking either. So we both had a mostly lazy day. Which means TODAY is about laundry and dishes and straightening up. But it was worth it!

I cast on a new project with my lazy day. The pattern is called Lighter than Perfume and it’s a nice lace stole. I admit it’s slow going, but I am enjoying the process. It’s got nupps which I haven’t done in awhile. But this time it only took me one row to get the hang of working them loosely enough to be easy. Hard to grab a photo of the entire thing, so here’s a close up of the motif.


Yeah ok, that’s hard to see too. But I think it’ll be gorgeous once it’s done. I am using handspun on it, of course. It’s this one:


I am also quite a bit further on the duotone cowl, now I’ve switched the main color for the remainder of the cowl. I haven’t worked on this at all since I cast on the lace piece, but it’s grown a bunch since I last grabbed a photo.


I did also get to knit on the way out of town and on the way back. That was simply Mr. Ink’s sock since it’s so easy to just knock out round after round on. Oh, and I didn’t spin! Again! I really was feeling lazy. Jury is still out for today.

I hope everyone else is having an opportunity to relax as well. It really is a wonderful opportunity!

A Long Walk

I got up earlier than I would for work this morning in order to get Miss Butterfly together for her day of honor choir. Then, I walked her and her stuff up to school so she could leave ridiculously early. I figured since I was already up and had coffee, I might as well take a walk. It was dark when I left the school, and I got to enjoy the red morning sky as the sun rose over our city. It was very pleasant.

Upon my return, I figured I might as well continue my momentum by winding another skein of yarn and then taking photographs of the Rivenhall scarf that I love so much.


It is SUCH a fantastic finished object. And I adore the colors. It seems to even fit right in with the winter colors on the wall out front where I snagged the photograph. As well as having matched the morning sunrise.


This really was a fantastic spin and knit. I am very proud of this one and it’ll certainly go in my pile of stuff for me.

I’ve done so much already with my morning and it’s only 9! I told Mr. Ink that I need a nap. But, I think I’ll cast on that new project instead.

Happy knitting and spinning this weekend my friends!

The Draw of the New

Yesterday morning I had another doctor’s appointment with Miss Butterfly. I’d taken Mr. Ink’s sock to work the day before and left it there. I needed a new easy project to work on while waiting on the doctor. A thing that makes me absolutely crabby without knitting. So, I pulled up my queue and decided on a project.

The funny bit is that for all my whining about the last tube cowl I knit, my choice was another tube cowl. In reality, I was looking for something super easy and I knew this would be it. Unlike the last tube cowl, this one has captured my attention quite well. The pattern is Duotone cowl.


And this is less than 24 hours after cast on, with the majority of that time being asleep or at work. Indeed it HAS captured my attention.

The yarn is handspun.

It was a particularly interesting project, as it was 60% wool/40% flax fiber. I spun it on support spindles and plied on my wheel. One fiber was orange/red and the other was blue/green. When I was done with both, I had 205 yards of one and 200 yards of the other. So, my spinning was nice and consistent. I knew they had to be paired together and the duotone cowl really seemed to be a good choice. And it is! Seeing as my interest in it hasn’t waned, this has about doubled in size since this photo yesterday.

I also managed to finish my Rivenhall scarf. All that yarn is knit up, and the ends woven in. But, it’s going to take a serious blocking, and I didn’t have the energy for that last evening. I did have energy last evening, but I spent it directing traffic so that the house would get nice and clean. (Meaning, putting my family to work. It was awesome.) Erm, to be clear, I directed traffic while I also cleaned. I didn’t just direct traffic while sitting and knitting.

As for this family, I can tell you that I got one of the load of grants due within the next 3 weeks submitted yesterday. I believe another will go in today. Crossing them off my list has vastly helped my stress level. I’ve been far more pleasant and motivated at home these past two evenings. And really, thank goodness for Friday! I am looking forward to my weekend so much! Miss Butterfly has honor choir. She was chosen as one of just 5 from her school to participate in an area state wide choir festival. She’s been learning her music for weeks, and working one on one with her choir teacher. Her teacher will take them all to a town about an hour away tomorrow and they’ll be with a bunch of other kids from around the state spending a full day practicing their music. Then we get to go out there to enjoy their performance, and bring her home. I am really looking forward to it. And, in part, because it’s a nice long drive in the new car. 😉

Stocking 24

It’s hard to believe I’ve knit 24 of these stockings over the last number of years. That’s a lot of yarn, that’s a lot of colorwork, and that’s a lot of happy family members.


In the end, this hazelnut colored stocking is mine. Meaning, I had a navy blue one for awhile. But, I wasn’t positive that my new nephew and his family would like the hazelnut one, so I sent the navy one off to them, and claimed the hazelnut one for me.

With this stocking, I am allowed to spin again. My knitting has overtaken my spinning yardage. However, I didn’t drag out the wheel yet. I did finish a batt I had going on support spindles, but it has a companion batt that needs to be finished. I figured I’d save that for the weekend. The rivenhall scarf is now so close to being done, I worked on that instead. And, since I have a doctor’s appointment with Miss Butterfly this morning but left my boring sock at work, I decided to cast on for a boring cowl to knit on during her appointment.

All in all, yesterday was a very good day. Work felt lighter. Busy, no doubt about it. But not as stressful. And, I had the majority of the evening to myself, with Miss Butterfly with her father and Mr. Ink at work or grocery shopping. It was just the evening I needed to replenish and get through the week.

Until Tomorrow….

The Other FO


It’s Marja’s Ghazal Cowl out of her own handspun. Isn’t it pretty? Those pops of color are a ton of fun on the neutral base. This is definitely a pattern I enjoy, though I must also say that I do need to give this one a break for a bit as two in a short time frame is a little much. What is it about favorite patterns that make me want to wear them out? Sort of like comfort food I suppose. Anyhow, since my agreement with myself is that I can’t count knitting with Marja’s handspun FOR Marja in my knitting totals, this doesn’t count toward keeping my knitting and spinning yardage even. But, I believe I’ll finish something tonight that can go toward that total.

Miss Butterfly took a nice hot bath yesterday with her bath bomb, and was certainly feeling a bit better than the day before. She agrees with Salpal1 that if she keeps moving, walking, she feels better. It’s the mornings that are the most difficult.

She’s still eating VERY well for her, consuming food we’ve made for dinner rather than choosing to make herself something else, and then asking for ice cream. I’d blame that on the weekend as well.

As for me, my grant numbers are up to 11 between now and February 16. My grant team numbers keep going down. And, while I’d feel guilty sending one of my grants over to them, I might have to. Things are looking so dire. Last night I even had to work from home which never happens, and is frowned upon. But, the pace is unsustainable really. And it also means that my life, except for what Miss Butterfly is up to these days, is so so boring. And I really hate being a boring creature!