Patience Wearing Thin

The first time we walked out of the dealership that could get the car we wanted, I told Mr. Ink that if we ended up purchasing from them, and in particular, from our salesperson Bruce, I’d feel like I was doing a good deed. I mean, he clearly has no clue what he’s doing, is new at the salesperson job, and has previously been a lot manager. So, familiar with car dealerships but has never done sales before. He cannot manage the computer with any speed or accuracy, and it’s painful to watch. He doesn’t know the cars at all, so even test driving with him is rather painful. However, he also gave us a story about his heart transplant and divorce, not that we needed to know, and thus I felt like if my patience could survive, we’d have done a good deed and given him some experience. This was 20 days ago.

I know it was 20 days because that’s how long it was to take our car to show up, as we ordered it in from Texas. We’d found a specific low mileage vehicle there that fit our needs and wants exactly, so we paid to have it shipped to us. We, being rather excited about the car and a bit obsessive in general, have spent those 20 days preparing ourselves for this car. Meaning, we’ve both read the owners manual, we know where everything is located, we know how to operate its many bells and whistles. Not to mention, Mr. Ink is a mechanic. He’s accustomed to figuring out car systems quickly. He’s been doing thus for 20 years. So, we are READY for this car. And really, after the somewhat disastrous family vacation, it’s a thing we are really looking forward to.

Last night, we get the message that the car has arrived. We were hoping for that to be the case. Mr. Ink calls Bruce to let him know we will be coming in to look at the car. Bruce tells us he just does NOT have time for us tonight. We cannot possibly come in to look at the car. Now, if we are being honest, Mr. Ink communicates rather slowly as well, but this is HIS responsibility so I am attempting to stay out of it to the best of my ability. It’s about a 10 minute phone call, no exaggeration, for Mr. Ink to explain that we just want to come in to SEE the car. I hear him say “You don’t honestly believe we are coming it to purchase this car sight unseen do you? We just want to LOOK at the car tonight. We can come back and purchase tomorrow.” And FINALLY, Bruce gets around to the customer service oriented idea that maybe he could set us up with someone else so we could look at our car and make sure it’s exactly as we ordered?

We arrive at the dealership about a half hour later. Amazingly enough, Bruce now has time for us. He gives us a song and dance about how a vehicle for another couple didn’t work out and so he has time for us now. Really, I just want him to shut up so we can see our car. We get in the car, there’s a low tire pressure alert. Unsurprising, as the car was coming from a warm climate to a cold one. Mr. Ink knows that he can view the alert, using buttons on the dash. But, Bruce decides he knows better, so he’s also pushing buttons on the steering wheel. The buttons he’s pushing are changing the stereo, but because Mr. Ink is pushing buttons on the dash simultaneously, Bruce is sure he’s got it right, so he’s trying to tell Mr. Ink that this is how you view the alert. Mr. Ink is trying to correct him, but it’s not going well. Finally, Mr. Ink just lets him do as he wishes, while figuring out how to view the alert. We are basically just ignoring the guy.

We get in to test drive the car. Bruce is still trying to sell us the car. Despite the fact that WE are the ones who did the research, WE are the ones who know the car, and WE are the ones who chose it. He’s telling us features, he’s saying “Oh look! This one is fully loaded!” Like it’s going to be a surprise to US. I am telling Miss Butterfly where she can locate the back seat heater, and he’s surprised the back seats are heated. I am just like PLEASE TO STOP TALKING NOW OK BRUCE?!

We get back, we assure him that we do indeed want this car. Which means now we’ve got to PAINFULLY watch him work through the bill of sale. We don’t need to get all of it done, just enough to get the paperwork for our bank. But, he gets one started, and then messes it up, has to start again. Which means we’ve got to work our way through all the required info that the dealership has us look at to make sure we know what we are getting into, despite having looked at it once already. It’s a good thing I brought another sock to knit on! It was really what was saving me from flipping a lid. I mean, I had to tell him what to put in to his own order, and he’s saying “Well, I’ve only done this two other times you know.” OK so maybe get someone who knows to help you with it? So frustrating.

We got back in our car, and I say “I thought this could be a good deed, but I am seriously reconsidering. He’s a nice guy, but I am pretty sure if they send me a survey I am going to have to fill it out honestly.” Mr. Ink says “Well, here’s the thing. He’s inept. He is SO inept that he cannot possibly pull a fast one on us. You have to know what you are doing to pull a fast one. He has no clue. So, it’s probably the safest way to purchase a car.”

OK then! We’ll go with that. If all goes well, we should have a new car tonight, and we are both VERY excited!

Here’s some spinning!

8 ounces, 405 yards 3 ply. It’s really quite thick, compared to my normal spinning. I was shooting for DK weight, but I think I may have achieved worsted weight. I mean, it puffed up so much after washing! I am still hoping it’ll work it’s way into a baby surprise jacket. We shall see!

Miss Butterfly had an orthodontist appointment yesterday. She’s now getting braces, top and bottom. She’s already had a brief stint with braces on her top teeth, but now it’s full on, making room for her final molars that are having trouble coming in. It’s been such a long haul with orthodontia so far, but she’s been very compliant over all, and I really appreciate that she understands the end goal, beautiful smile, no need to fix when she’s an adult and on her own.

After that we went to the LYS which is having their annual sale. I admit it, I bought a couple skeins of utilitarian sock yarn for Mr. Ink. Big skeins. Lots of yardage. I cast on mostly because I know that the car dealership always takes longer than you imagine. I mentioned to Mr. Ink that we’d chosen new sock yarn and I had a new pair started. He said “I knew it! This is what I was afraid of! Once you got started you wouldn’t be able to stop!”  I reminded him that my knitting whims were fickle, so he’s probably safe. I’ll grab a shot of the latest pair of socks this evening.

That’s all around here! I’ve got two new knitting projects to take photos of tonight, so I actually have blog content for tomorrow as well. The knitting, it’s going pretty well these days!