And It’s Done

We headed back to the dealership last evening to meet up with Bruce and finish our new to us car purchase. It was a surprisingly busy night at the dealership, and Bruce was unsurprisingly slow. They’d told us that they wanted a copy of insurance papers, even though our bank didn’t require that. So, Mr. Ink dutifully added the new vehicle to his current car insurance using the prescribed parameters for cars under lien. This insurance  expires in February, and we were plenty pleased by that because we need to make some adjustments anyhow. Gives us time to settle in with the car and then make our adjustments in a month.

Well, Bruce didn’t like this, and when he went to enter the insurance info into their system, he said “But we need the insurance to cover for 6 months!!!”  I looked at Mr. Ink, Mr. Ink looked back at me, and I knit a little bit faster. Mr. Ink says “Well, then, I guess you should have mentioned that last night.”  Which is QUITE a statement from Mr. Ink. Bruce continued, asking me the same question he’d asked me last night “What about your car, do you have a shared insurance, can we get your card?” Me, again, “NO, we cannot use my separate insurance for a car Mr. Ink owns. HOWEVER…” I say VERY firmly as I am really and truly at my limit with this guy “We turned in this very same insurance to the lienholder, who are the only ones who want the insurance anyhow, and THEY didn’t have an issue with it. So neither should you.” Honestly? I suspect this guy to have been “henpecked” most of his life. When Mr. Ink speaks, he argues. When I speak, it’s all “Oh, oh..ok then, we’ll just move on.”

I was beginning to believe that everyone at this dealership was similar to Bruce, we’d been so immersed in the irritation and nuttiness that was Bruce. So, when a manager came to handle the final sale of the car, I was pleasantly surprised to find him warm, friendly, intelligent, and very quick with the computer. I also had a giggle as Bruce kept hovering irritatingly, and then the manager reached the limit of HIS irritation and says “Bruce! Go check on the car.” Bruce quit hovering.

Naturally, as we were trying to leave, Bruce was still drawing our attention to various details of the car. And then when we were truly ready to leave, he said “Thanks guys, now if you know of anyone who needs a new car, please send them my way!”  Yeah Bruce, we’ll get right on that.

Pretty car! It was 9F and snowing when I drove out of there. The roads were bad. It was precisely the type of weather that has Mr. Ink insisting I drive this vehicle. He had gone on in the civic to get some salt for the driveway while I went home. Up the snowy driveway this car went, and right into the garage with no issues. This morning, driveway still snow covered, I pulled out, turned around, and was off. No sliding sideways toward the busy street. Now I just need the weather to warm a bit so I can spend some time sitting in my car and pairing my phone with it, adding to the navigation system, changing the clock which is currently 2 hours ahead, etc.

Knitting? You want to see some knitting? Maybe that sock that made it so that I didn’t completely bite off Bruce’s head?


This is what it looked like before we headed to the dealership last night. It’s twice the size now. It’s bold color choices for Mr. Ink. Miss Butterfly and I picked them. But, bold or not, I feel certain he’ll wear the socks, even if just around the house.

And the scarf I began, pattern is called Rivenhall. The fiber was BMFA sheep to shoe kit, can’t remember the colorway name. However, it’s not a colorway I’d normally have picked, and yet the way the scarf is knitting up is so stunning! I don’t remember loving the yarn nearly as much as I am loving how it looks knit up.


The original skein looked like this:


I am not positive that I fractal spun this, but the way the colors are working in the scarf seems to indicate I may have done so.

It’s shaping up to be an extremely busy and social month. But, now that the car is settled, I also feel like my time is a bit more free. Miss Butterfly is back to school today, routines are heading back to normal, sleep schedules are in line with those routines. It’s always fun to have a holiday, but it’s also equally pleasant to get a routine back. I am appreciating it quite a bit!

4 thoughts on “And It’s Done

  1. OMG! Bruce won’t last long in that business. But glad you got the car and are happy with it. And safe in it! Isn’t it amazing how a skein knits up so differently than it seems it will? I love knitting with the handspun for just this reason. 😀 And the socks that saved Bruce’s life look good, too.

  2. Oh dear Bruce sounds very annoying. Poor Bruce, must be hard to be him. I love your new car. I absolutely love your knit up for his scarf. My Uncle did get his socks that I sent and told me he was crazy for the colors. THey were browns with a hint of aqua blue that stuck out a bit. So I think your man will love the scarf

    • Yes, Mr. Ink reminded me frequently that Bruce means well. He’s kinder than I am. And more patient. Something I am grateful for daily!

  3. Congratulations on the new to you car! (Car dealers are such a pain, aren’t they?) And your knits have turned out beautifully!

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