Remember the Rolags?

Miss Marja gave me the prettiest rolags for christmas. I took a quick and not great photo of them and posted it before our vacation.


They really are such a richer blue than this photo lends you to believe. I think I also mentioned they weren’t even going into the fiber stash, they’d sit by the chair and I’d begin them just as soon as I was done with the 3 ply baby sweater yarn.

I began them! And they are lovely. Miss Marja, naturally, knows my affinity for really weird and chunky fibers, lots of add ins. So, they are appropriately chunky and fun to spin! I’ve got a photo of what is on the wheel so far. It’s not a great photo, because it’s 8F and feels like -5, so I don’t want to go outdoors.


Look at that chunky goodness! I love it!

Miss Butterfly went off to a sleep over last night. Mr. Ink and I spent a very quiet evening together. We are watching The Crown, which I binged while out at the lake in November, but enjoyed enough to watch again with him. We’ve had a really slow morning too. 2 introverts attempting to heal up after a weird vacation and a crazy week. Mr. Ink will be taking the new car into the shop today to give it a good look over, he wants to make sure it’s actually in the shape it should be prior to the 30 day warranty being up. I am jealous he’ll be driving it alone. Yep, I am absolutely in love with that vehicle. It’s been so cold that I haven’t been able to just sit in it with it running to pair my phone and change the time and so on. Until yesterday. I spent some time in it yesterday afternoon once I drove home from work. Phone is paired and working well, I can now listen to my podcasts easily, or pandora or audible, without hooking up the phone to a cord.

Mr. Ink is going to look into the XM radio. I cannot get it to work despite the fact we’ve got a free trial. Mr. Ink has been listening to XM radio at work as once you have an account, you can use it anywhere. But, as far as actually listening to it in the car, I haven’t had any luck. It’s unfortunate really, I was looking forward to annoying Mr. Ink with some opera or classical on those very nice speakers the car comes with.

Mr. Ink is doing a biggest loser challenge at his workplace, so of course I am playing along. It started on Wednesday. This means that despite the overwhelming cold, we really do have to get motivated to get outside and exercise. I’ve done fairly well keeping up with my walking, in part due to being able to walk quite a distance indoors on campus. But, this is going to require stronger stuff, probably bike rides. In the bitter bitter cold. We’ve done it before, but it’s hard to get started initially.

That’s….about it from around here! We plan to get the tree taken down today in addition to the other activities. I’ll be happy to have my living room back in appropriate order. The lack of space is kind of bugging me at the moment. And Mr. Ink’s plants want more light. Have a great weekend everyone, hopefully there’ll be more to show off tomorrow!

One thought on “Remember the Rolags?

  1. I hear you on introvert recovery day! So necessary, I am glad you had the opportunity. Miss Marja’s rolags are interesting, singles look completely different from how I would have expected! They are going to make amazing yarn.

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