Still Rolling

We were supposed to ride bikes today. If I am honest with myself, I kind of knew yesterday it wasn’t going to happen. I mean, 16F, it’s still too cold for me to go biking this season. I didn’t bike when it started getting cold. (And to be fair, it never started getting cold, it just went from warm to 4F. So, there wasn’t an ease in period anyhow.)

So, I am still rolling through the rolags.


Here’s the first half! I didn’t weigh the rolags to split them in half, so this is just a rough estimate. However, seems like a nice amount of singles for a rough half! We’ll see where I get with the second half today. I am also thinking that this cold day might want me to bake some molasses oatmeal bread. And play some more games with Miss Butterfly. She and I have been playing a card game she calls “trash” pretty regularly. It’s all chance and yet she seems to beat me soundly on the regular.

Mr. Ink spent the day looking over the new car. He took it into the shop to make sure there were absolutely no mechanical deal breakers. There weren’t. And he made a list of stuff that he felt he would make the dealership fix. And another list of stuff he didn’t trust them to fix and he would prefer to look into himself. He must be quite excited about the car because generally it’s like pulling teeth to get him to go in on a non work saturday but he was eager to be off with the car yesterday morning and is eager to take it in again in a week.

Miss Butterfly and I put away the christmas ornaments and Mr. Ink took down the tree. I am still finding stray missed decorations so that’ll be a chore for today. It’s nice to have my living room back though, I missed the wide open space. ┬áMr. Ink then spent the evening drilling larger holes in our bathroom tile to firmly secure a new towel rack. The one we had regularly fell apart, and it was annoying us all. New towel rack with new hardware is quite secure and looks great. I’d say the entire day was madly productive for a day of “rest.”

Another beautiful COLD day of rest in the heartland today, and I hope your day is JUST as lovely.