Christmas is Over

But, I am not done with stockings. I just received, in the mail, the yarn for the 24th stocking as I finished up the 23rd stocking.


This one can head off in the mail to it’s recipient, and then I’ll get started on the one for my upcoming nephew. For that one, I got a kind of chestnut color. It’s a departure, I’ve never made one in that color before and I hope my sister in law doesn’t think it drab or ugly. I think the contrasts will be lovely. Well, I guess I can always decide to keep the contrasting one for myself and send off a navy one I have in our own Christmas stash.

It’s been a busy week already. Miss Butterfly had her winter choir concert, rescheduled from prior to winter break due to an ice storm. It was lovely. Last evening we had a quieter evening in, with Mr. Ink making us dinner (as usual) and then playing games together before her bedtime. Mr. Ink has been working his way through his own personal to do list, which meant knitting time for me while he cleaned out the largest fish tank. While he cleaned (it took two evenings of work) we listened to Dune, which made the job rather pleasant. One might say the foot of the stocking is spice infused.

I am knitting along quite nicely on Mr. Ink’s socks. I had them set on the dining room table at one point, which created a cute little conversation. Miss Butterfly picked them up and then said:

B: I don’t even KNOW how you knit with these tiny needles, I can’t even move them!

Me: Well, for starters, you are holding the project backwards. Turn it around and it may start to make sense.

Mr.I: Hey! Maybe that’s not the project you should learn to knit on!


Mr.I: Well, I love my handknit socks, they should have no mistakes!

B: Do you REALLY think that MY MOTHER couldn’t fix any mistake I made in her knitting?!?!?!?!

Yes, it’s true, every conversation is peppered with the incredulousness and drama┬áthat only her age group┬ácan consistently muster.

Have a happy week my friends! I just started a cute knit for my nephew, so more soon!