What has been occupying my tiny bit of free time lately you may ask? A tiny little handspun sweater.


I have a nephew due in March. I wanted to make a handspun sweater for him. You may remember that I was spinning for the baby surprise jacket. Unfortunately, the yarn I spun turned out to be worsted rather than DK, and while I did cast on the BSJ anyhow and begin knitting on it, it was huge, and I would have worried about my yarn amount the entire time. So, instead of pressing onward, I stopped, reevaluated, and chose another pattern. The pattern is Wee Lima, and this is the back of it. Doesn’t it give the impression of an impressionist painting?

I haven’t had a ton of knitting or spinning time lately. To be honest, we keep playing games with Miss Butterfly. We’ve been playing “trash” and Fluxx in particular. We’ve rather gotten into a game habit and I can’t be more pleased. It’s like dessert, but healthier. Right after dinner we put the dishes in the kitchen and shuffle a deck of cards. Sometimes we play one game, but often we just keep playing until it’s time for Miss Butterfly to get ready for bed. Tonight is an official game night, where we have friends over to play games with us.

I told Miss Butterfly last night that I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she got a snow day on Monday. It’s supposed to be a nasty ice storm. She informed me she had Monday off anyhow. Ooops! I’ve already been told that if the weather is terrible I can take a “surprise” vacation day. So, I might do that, and allow Mr. Ink to take the AWD vehicle. It’s been a heavy grant season, all our smaller internal grants have come due this week and next. I double checked our grant submission list, and noticed there’s only one due on Monday. I basically told my boss that if it doesn’t get submitted (as the person submitting always pushes the deadline) then that would have to be a learning experience. We don’t put the lives of our grants teamĀ in danger on the road in order to get a grant out the door that he didn’t bother to work on ahead of time. In the ongoing fight I’ve got with deadline pushers, it would actually be a win for me if no one was able to get to work on Monday.

So, what I am trying to say here, is that I may even have an extra day for knitting and hanging with Miss Butterfly! It’s quite exciting.