Ice Day

I had a bit of crafting ADD yesterday, couldn’t really focus on any one thing after I assembled the baby moccasins. I flitted between spinning, knitting the Rivenhall scarf, knitting on Mr. Ink’s socks and planning my next project or two. I even pulled out yarn for projects, except that I really couldn’t be bothered to go to the basement to use the swift and ball winder. I was so antsy!

In the end, Miss Butterfly and I went for a walk. We waited until the ice really started to melt. I put on my proper winter boots and walked in the icy grass. Miss Butterfly refused to wear boots so she could slide on the ice. She wore trainers, and her feet were immediately wet, but she never complained about it because sliding on the sidewalks was too fun. It was still raining, so we also had umbrellas. In fact, between the melting ice and the rain, there were areas where the entire roadway was 2 or 3 inches deep in water. It was quite the storm! Here are the photos I took from our hour long walk:

I am glad I had the opportunity to stay home with Miss Butterfly, we did have a nice day despite my being a bit stir crazy. Area schools were cancelled yesterday afternoon for today. She’s fortunate to have another day home. But, to be fair, our driveway was almost dry this morning which is saying quite a bit, and they totally could have done school.

And now I am back at work, dealing with last minute grant submissions, again, and dreaming about the beautiful work of nature and the ability to be away yesterday.

Ah well. In any case, here’s some spinning!


I made batts awhile back that are blue toned. Generally I love the batts I make so much I cannot even ply them. I leave them as thin singles as to enjoy them as long as possible. Not so this time! I am branching out and making a 3 ply. One bobbin done, the next one begun.

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