Slightly More Focused

My crafting ADD continued into Tuesday evening. It was so severe that evening that I really didn’t end up crafting. I got stuck on the couch after my walk and couldn’t quite get motivated to do much else beyond help make dinner when it was time. To be fair, I’d also gone in early to work and stayed very late as one of my people was getting an award and I wanted to be at the ceremony. I’d forgotten that I was going to stay late, and thus I had intended to arrive at work late. But, the forgetfulness was serendipitous as I was forced to work on yet another last minute due that day grant I didn’t know about prior to my arrival at work.

So, basically my point is that my crafting ADD continuing into Tuesday evening probably just had more to do with mental exhaustion than anything else. However, what was born out of those two unfocused crafting days was the realization that I hadn’t been working with my support spindles lately, so I pulled out a Nunoco batt and did a tiny bit of spinning on it.


The yellows and greys are a combo┬áI adore, and I am trying to spin pretty thickly on the support spindles as I don’t want the project to take forever.

Thankfully, Wednesday was a bit more gentle on my brain, and once home I got my taxes done, then Mr. Ink said “I am bored with the internet, let’s watch TV!” So we watched an episode of The Crown before dinner. I focused my attentions on his latest pair of socks and the Rivenhall scarf. I’d say that’s pretty focused.

Miss Butterfly was with her father last evening. And came home with this.


She set it at the sliding glass door, knocked, and ran away. Mr. Ink was all “WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!” Miss Butterfly said she’d also set it in the backseat of her father’s car, facing outward. So that when they’d come to a stoplight, she could watch the people do a double take from their cars, and then start giggling.

She’s ridiculously happy with this item. I did mention to her that she now has to start getting rid of more stuff because Mom cannot take the mess anymore. She agreed to at least sort and cull her basement stash of toys. I am afraid I did the bad mom thing and rained on her parade a bit. Meaning, her father and his family just buys ALL Of the stuff. And sends it home with me because nothing fits in their small apartment. And it’s SO wasteful. Furthermore, when it comes to Christmas gifts, she’ll get like one item from us, one item from my parents, one item from my brother, one item from Mr. Ink’s sister in law. All carefully chosen as things which she TRULY wants. Every year she says something to the effect of “I love Christmas at your house Mom, where I get less stuff but stuff that I actually want. Where people listen to me when I tell them what’s on my list!”

So hopefully she’s learning something about stuff and gift giving, even if I have to suffer through all these extra items in my home. I have, in the past, boxed up all the toys she no longer plays with, but that her father and his family got her, put them in his car, and asked him to figure out where they go next. I might have to do that again. In the meantime, I think our entire family needs to spend some time cleaning and organizing our basement so that I don’t feel overwhelmed each time I walk to the car!