Want to see where I am on my WIPs? It’s nice to take account now and then.

I was able to finish one of Mr. Ink’s socks this week.


Knitting the afterthought heel brought me to exactly where I needed to be to start the next pair with them matching. Hopefully there’s enough yarn. I worry about these things.

I’ve been knitting on Marja’s handspun Ghazal cowl for quite some time now. It’s out of her own handspun of course. All the little colors in it have been quite charming. This one has been at work with me. It would be done by now if it wasn’t for daily last minute grants (seriously. Daily.) interrupting my lunch breaks. But, I am so close to done now that I thought I’d bring it home and finish it this weekend.


And the scarf that isn’t close to done, Rivenhall.


It may not be close to done, but it is lovely and the yarn is soft with regularly changing colors. I think it’ll be fairly spectacular once it’s complete. And blocked. The repeats are long, but when I do have time to knit in the evenings I try to at least get one repeat done before moving on to something else.

I did also cast on another stocking, but there’s no rush to finish it at this point, since I made the decision to send my upcoming new nephew my own navy blue and white one rather than the one with hazelnut color. I am trying to get these projects off my list though, before I start new things. But there’s 3 skeins of yarn in the basement waiting to be wound into balls and cast on, the startitis is growing.

As for real life. As I mentioned, the grants situation is quite concerning. We’ve gotten last minute grants every single day this week, as well as last week. The worst one was yesterday around noon, finding out about one being submitted for that day’s deadline. Except…we didn’t find out through the person submitting the grant, we found out in a round about way. And with only 4 hours left to get the thing submitted, and him trying to submit without us thinking he knew what he was doing, we looked at the grant package and realized he was wrong. Very wrong. I’d left my Friday afternoon open for catching up on all the other stuff I needed to get done so that I’d have time to submit the 6 I have actually planned between now and mid February as well as the ones that we are certain will show up last minute. But, again, that afternoon just got eaten up by more poor planning.

So, I’d say that work isn’t going well. And, I think that’s why, in part, I get home and then am after my family to help me around the house. Miss Butterfly and I sorted a bunch of her toys, filling the back of my car with a load for donation, filling a trash bag full of actual junk, and her reorganizing what she had. I also did a lot of basement reorganization, you can now kind of move around down there and things are back where they should be. So now I have to get down there to actually clean. And then we need to move things around a bit to make it a better space to work in. But, the main agreement that I made with Miss Butterfly is that if she brings this into the house:


Other stuff has to leave. Way to make the ridiculous work for me.

I’ve got my eye on new curtains for the kitchen and the master bathroom, that might be today’s mission, as well as dropping off the donation stuff. It’s nice to be feeling inspired about the house again!

5 thoughts on “Updates

  1. LOVE your socks. Love your Rivenhall. What’s the yarn again Please?
    Love your daughter. She is beautiful inside and out.
    We are looking for grant help at the animal shelter. It seems like so few people have that skill. I dont and I wish I did. You will be easily taken in as a valuable volunteer when you retire!!

    • The yarn for Rivenhall is my handspun. It is really shaping up to be such an interesting scarf!

      It is true that everyone is looking for people to do grant work. I regularly get asked for help in my personal life as well, and I tend to bow out because I just don’t need that type of stress! However, it is possible that I’ll change my mind in retirement.

  2. These last minute grants must be killing you. Just too crazy. I hope you get the 6 done that you had planned!

    Meanwhile the knitting looks good and the sorting and clearing sounds good. That thing! What will Miss B do with it??? In a year she won’t want it cluttering her room, I bet.

    • I think so too. And at that point, I guess it’ll get donated? I really hate plushies. They take up so much room and collect so much dust and I see such little point to them! But, when I was her age I wouldn’t let anything come between me and my plushies either.

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