Blown Out of the Water

The big news around here today is about Miss Butterfly. You see, for the past few weeks, she’s been raising money for MS research. She did so by agreeing to run more than a 10K on a treadmill during an event her father’s running group was hosting. She got started last evening.


And, she blew that greater than 10K goal out of the water by running 14.83 miles that evening. I do believe she’s got some sponsors that are sponsoring her a certain amount of money per mile, so she doesn’t have her final fundraising total in yet. She took a dip in the pool before heading home with her dad, and she sent me this proud selfie from the car.


This morning? She wants to get back over there and do some more miles, as the event is a 24 hour event and she seems to think she could do the equivalent of a marathon in the space of 24 hours. Seems ambitious, but she comes from persistent stock. We’ll see! She told me this morning she was annoyed because her father wasn’t getting up and around and over to the gym fast enough for her.

As for crafting, I did a little of it yesterday. I finished up the cowl I wanted to get done, that’s currently blocking. And I finished spinning the singles for my current spinning project.


They look so cheery! I am looking forward to the plying job on these. I also went shopping, of my own volition. Not usual. But, I wanted to get some curtains for the master bathroom, ones that were not obviously homemade and falling apart. I did so, and now need to head back today for appropriate hardware for those curtains. I also need to iron them. Hah! I think the next to be updated would be the kitchen curtains. I’ve got ideas. We’ll see.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend as well, full of activities you love to do!


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