Less than 24 Hours

This post is ALL proud mamma, and no crafting.

Miss Butterfly did get back to the gym Sunday morning, and she DID do another half marathon. Here’s her post marathon in under 24 hours selfie.


Pretty sure she’s wearing The Most Appropriate shirt.

And, if you’d like to see what her last moments of the challenge look like, there’s a video:

She’s certainly a well supported young lady these days, not only by her family but by those around her in general. After she completed, she had a dip in the pool and hot tub. Then she and her dad headed home. I received a message from her not long thereafter saying “Mom, could you please just this once come pick me up? Dad won’t bring me home for another hour at least because Football, and I have such a headache and I am SO tired.” Well, I think after a big goals weekend, sometimes you just gotta be in your OWN Space. So, we hopped in the car and drove out to get her. She immediately turned on the heated seats and dropped down and fell asleep.


She stayed that way until we got home, sleeping through Mr. Ink’s trip to the grocery store. Once home, she crawled in bed again, and I filled a large water bottle for her to sip on when she felt like it. She stayed there for another hour, but then rallied to have a very lovely evening with us. Homework, a shower, and episode of Glee, a delicious dinner, and a bunch of pampering by myself and Mr. Ink was how we did the evening.

This morning I went in to wake her up. She’d consumed an entire huge cycling water bottle of water overnight, and was quite sore. But, she’s also eager to get to school and tell her PE teacher all about it. I told her to take some ibuprofen for her sore legs as soon as she had breakfast. And, she’s around her father and me often enough to know that when you are sore, the worst thing is to be still. So, she knows she’s gotta keep moving to sort out the soreness.

In a rather funny end to the story, her grandmother told her that she’d sponsor Miss Butterfly at $4 a mile. I mean, after all, her run last year was a 10K, so that’s what, just over 6 miles? So, to have her complete 26.2 was a bit startling. This brings her total raised as of right now to $1,259 for MS research. She came in second overall in fundraising!

We. Are. Proud.