I have two finished objects to show off now! And I am having trouble figuring out what to start with. Meh, maybe both?

I finished up this skein of 3 ply handspun. It’s a sport weight yarn and there’s 420 yards. It is, overall, a gradient but in addition to the one gradient bobbin I also did a fractal spin with the other two bobbins. It should make an interesting finished object.


Of course, all the colors are pretty close in tone, so it’ll be subtle. I really loved this spin. It’s nothing like I expected it to be. It’s shiny, and sparkly, and wonderful. I spun this out of batts I created:


I used throwster’s waste in these batts, and I expected that to kind of tangle. It didn’t at all! It’s an awesome subtle silk thread that shines through really nicely. Next batts I make are going to get a very large amount of throwster’s waste. There wasn’t NEARLY enough in these! I just didn’t know how it would act when I created the batts and didn’t want to go overboard. The testing was good, time to add more.

This actually brings me to another point. I was thinking about the spinning for Tour de Fleece this year. Yes, already. I wanted to figure out what I’d do that was different from years before. What is it that would be an interesting challenge. And, I am thinking that I may decide that during TdF I will have to create the batts or rolags I spin from my personal wool stash. That should make for a nice challenge! And it’ll work me through some stash as well.

Sadly, this spin put me over for spinning. You may remember that I am to be keeping my knitting mileage and spinning mileage even, or the knitting mileage has to be over the spinning. This puts spinning ahead, and I have to stop spinning so I can catch up with knitting.

Well, that answers that. There’s enough pictures and talk in this post to save my other finished object for tomorrow! In Miss Butterfly news, the poor kid is just miserable! Her legs are so sore, her hips and back are sore, her ankles are sore. Her dad called last night to give her advice on what to do for relief, which had her rolling a rolling pin all over her legs. I told her that next time she really SHOULD train for the event. She said “That’s what Dad said!” But she didn’t say “I am never doing this again.” Which was encouraging. Apparently the sense of accomplishment wins of the sore legs situation. I am hoping she finds relief from this soon so we can get back to doing that which we enjoy together, going for walks! She’s also still ridiculously tired and eating almost constantly. Those things too are to be expected.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for a cowl!