The Other FO


It’s Marja’s Ghazal Cowl out of her own handspun. Isn’t it pretty? Those pops of color are a ton of fun on the neutral base. This is definitely a pattern I enjoy, though I must also say that I do need to give this one a break for a bit as two in a short time frame is a little much. What is it about favorite patterns that make me want to wear them out? Sort of like comfort food I suppose. Anyhow, since my agreement with myself is that I can’t count knitting with Marja’s handspun FOR Marja in my knitting totals, this doesn’t count toward keeping my knitting and spinning yardage even. But, I believe I’ll finish something tonight that can go toward that total.

Miss Butterfly took a nice hot bath yesterday with her bath bomb, and was certainly feeling a bit better than the day before. She agrees with Salpal1 that if she keeps moving, walking, she feels better. It’s the mornings that are the most difficult.

She’s still eating VERY well for her, consuming food we’ve made for dinner rather than choosing to make herself something else, and then asking for ice cream. I’d blame that on the weekend as well.

As for me, my grant numbers are up to 11 between now and February 16. My grant team numbers keep going down. And, while I’d feel guilty sending one of my grants over to them, I might have to. Things are looking so dire. Last night I even had to work from home which never happens, and is frowned upon. But, the pace is unsustainable really. And it also means that my life, except for what Miss Butterfly is up to these days, is so so boring. And I really hate being a boring creature!

4 thoughts on “The Other FO

  1. lol glad I could help. πŸ™‚ So glad she is feeling a bit better, and eating well. As long as work doesn’t promise to stay this way, you have a light at the end of the tunnel. When it gets really bad is when March looks like February, and April looks like March, and so on. You are right, it is unsustainable. Thank goodness for spinning and knitting to keep your fingers busy. And you aren’t boring, just busy.

    The cowl looks lovely, the handspun is beautiful. I have to ask though, what drew Miss Marja to spinning if she doesn’t knit? Does she weave or do something else with her beautiful yarn?

    • I don’t think Miss Marja would be upset with me for telling her story from my perspective. She’d mentioned trying to learn to knit. She showed me her yarn and her needles, both given to her. They weren’t….nice. I know Marja very well, we started as bike friends. I know that pretty colors and beautiful well made tools are things she’s drawn to. So, at some point I told her that I didn’t see her so much as a knitter, but I thought she might enjoy spinning. She thought she’d give it a try. I THINK I started her off with a trindle maybe? I can’t remember now. She picked things up VERY quickly. So I was correct, that was her hobby. She still talks of learning to knit but at this point she’s been able to trade her yarn for handknits, so she’s a little like “What’s the point?”

      • I do not mind you sharing! And you did start me with a trindle. Really, my brain is just not wired to easily pick up knitting. It’s not. It’s not natural for me. I have to pay so close of attention…it makes my brain hurt. Spinning felt really natural from the very beginning. It’s my active meditation. It keeps me sane. Plus, who wants to try to learn to knit and spend YEARS developing that so I can be mediocre when I have such UBER talented knitting friends? I mean really…..

      • That is interesting! You don’t; often hear of people who spin but don’t do one of the other gateway hobbies. πŸ™‚ Glad she loves it and that you get to knit with her lovely yarn. πŸ™‚

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