Stocking 24

It’s hard to believe I’ve knit 24 of these stockings over the last number of years. That’s a lot of yarn, that’s a lot of colorwork, and that’s a lot of happy family members.


In the end, this hazelnut colored stocking is mine. Meaning, I had a navy blue one for awhile. But, I wasn’t positive that my new nephew and his family would like the hazelnut one, so I sent the navy one off to them, and claimed the hazelnut one for me.

With this stocking, I am allowed to spin again. My knitting has overtaken my spinning yardage. However, I didn’t drag out the wheel yet. I did finish a batt I had going on support spindles, but it has a companion batt that needs to be finished. I figured I’d save that for the weekend. The rivenhall scarf is now so close to being done, I worked on that instead. And, since I have a doctor’s appointment with Miss Butterfly this morning but left my boring sock at work, I decided to cast on for a boring cowl to knit on during her appointment.

All in all, yesterday was a very good day. Work felt lighter. Busy, no doubt about it. But not as stressful. And, I had the majority of the evening to myself, with Miss Butterfly with her father and Mr. Ink at work or grocery shopping. It was just the evening I needed to replenish and get through the week.

Until Tomorrow….

One thought on “Stocking 24

  1. The stocking is so pretty – I can’t believe, though , that you have made 24 of these! WOW! You have a lucky family.

    Glad you had an easier day and a quiet night – sounds like you needed it. And you kept going on knitting, which means you can do loads of spinning. When you get started. 🙂

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